Thursday 5 March 2015

Five On Friday

I changed my mind on this weeks post, my other idea can wait for another week, this week I thought I would share a bit more of the little herd of 5 female alpacas, 
Welcome to the maternity suite
All five live together and feeding time is a frenzy of long necks and bobbing heads.

First up is Daffodil
Daffodil is the matriarch of the herd and keeps everyone in order, she is light beige in colour and is the tallest of the females, Daffodil is 7 years old and is pregnant her due date is 4th August, she was mated with a grey alpaca so it will be interesting to see if she produces a grey cria. I always give Daffodil a bit of room and I am careful not to stand behind her, she is friendly but one day I got kicked in the stomach by her hind leg so its made me a bit cautious of her.

This is Daisy
 Daisy is dark brown and is almost 5 years old, she is now in her second pregnancy and is due 24th June, she is still very slim and don't know for sure if her pregnancy has followed through, we will find out in June, Daisy is very friendly and vocal making lots of noise while she is eating.

Janine is mid brown and is 3 yeas old, she is the same build as Daisy she is also very slim and is suppose to be pregnant and is due 18th of August, she has been mated to the same sire as Daffodil, her father was also a grey, Janine is always in front of the feeding line, she is very friendly and usually has her nose in the bucket before I have poured the food out.

Imogen is 9 months old her mother is Daisy (dark brown) her father was dark fawn, Imogen is classed as solid beige, she is a mucky pup and is always covered in bits of grass and hay, she needs her fringe trimmed, Martin calls her meme as that is the noise she makes, she is a very vocal youngster.

Liberty is 8 months old, her mother is Janine (mid brown) and her father is a mid fawn, like Imogen she is also a mucky pup and covered in hay most of the time, Liberty has a real cute factor about her, she is becoming more assertive over food although she tends to hold back more.

So that's the five girls, the youngsters will be weaned from there mums later this month and next year late spring early summer they will be mated probably with Niknack. The adults will be given the year off and mated the following year. Alpacas carry for 12 months, they don't have a mating season they come into season through the act of mating, we don't want young born in winter so we will plan any mating for late spring early summer, 2 weeks after mating you can test to see if the mating was successful, you bring the male back in to the female and if she spits at him she is pregnant, its called a spit off. They generally give birth very early in the morning just before sunrise, cria have to be on there feet within a couple of hours and must feed as soon as possible to survive, it is very unusual for Alpacas to have twins,  We are keeping Alpacas for there fleeces, shearing will take place late spring and this year we will have 2 kid fleeces, the first shearing produces a very fine yarn.
At shearing time they will also have there teeth ground down, in the wild they browse on lots of bushes and lower branches of trees that helps to keep the teeth ground down, they only have teeth on the bottom jaw, the top jaw is just a hard plate. 

I hope you have enjoyed meeting the ladies :-)
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  1. They are lovely, you mentioned to me yesterday about easiyo, they have a really good clearance on now if your interested, x

  2. Oh my they are the cutest things I have seen in a long time! I dare not show my daughter because she will want one and we really don't have the room. The names you have chosen are brill! Lovely Five on Friday X

  3. Totally fascinating.They all look a sweet bunch to me.

  4. Very interesting post, nice to meet the ladies. How is Lambert doing?

  5. I've dreamed of owning alpacas for years, but reality is glaring that it's just not going to happen. I'll have to satisfy myself with admiring other peoples little sweethearts and buying my alpaca yarn whenever I see it! You have some beautiful faces there, and I just adore your 'mucky pups' ;)

  6. It is so interesting to see the girls and learn more about them! A great idea for this post Dawn. I hope that their pregnancies all go well and that you enjoy having an even bigger flock/herd/group? in years to come. Thank you so much for taking part, I hope that you have a good weekend and that Kara is OK. xx

  7. How interesting and what fun having your own alpaca's! :)

  8. Oh what a lovely lot of girlies - they look absolutely adorable. I just love their little faces (even if Imogen needs her fringe cut!). I do hope they all give birth without any problems. Thank you for an interesting and informative post. Hope Kara is ok. xx Have a good weekend. CMW

  9. How exciting to have some new babies on the way, they will be so adorable. xx

  10. What lovely girls they are. Alpaca wool is wonderful to spin with - I got on really well with it when I was on my spinning course (note to self, must get back to spinning again).

    I hope all the ladies in waiting ARE in waiting so you have 3 new babies in the summer.

  11. They are just adorable - I'm head over heels in love with them !


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