Saturday 7 March 2015

Orchard and Aipary Is This Way

At last the planting of the fruit trees is completed
 I have planted a selection of apple and pear trees there is a couple of plum and one cherry as well, 15 in total, not a big orchard by any means its a micro orchard, 
The trees are all in bud its going to be lovely seeing them in leaf.
Its a great feeling seeing a job completed that wont have to be done again.
All fruits trees planted, all nut trees planted and the bamboo wind breaks are planted, yippeeeeee all ticked off the list.
The bee hives are in the orchard area
 It looks like all three hives have made it through the winter
There was plenty of activity in the hives, I am pleased as one of the hives was a split I did just a few weeks before we moved, it was the first time I did a hive split and so far it seems to have been successful, we still have 2 empty hives this year I will get them occupied I plan to buy a couple of nucleus's locally, the perhaps next year try a couple of hive splits again, I will set up a couple of swarm bait boxes when we get nearer swarming time.
This time of year is the hungry gap for bees, I have noticed lots of Gorse in flower around us so I am assuming that's were they are heading to feed, and later on the Heather on the mountain top will feed them along with the pine trees, there is plenty around for them.

As you can see Kara is recovering well from her operation, she had a bone as a treat for being so good at the vets, she allows him to change her dressing without a muzzle and without being sedated, the vet is impressed with her. 1 week on she still has her leg dressed and we keep having to go back to the vet every 2 days, that takes up a good half a day each time and lots of lifting in and out of the car at 34kg she is no light weight for me to lift, the stitches are not out yet hopefully Monday, I am hoping the dressings all come off next week, her foot has to be kept dry at all times, we tried plastic bags but they didn't last one visit outside, the vet made her a boot from a plasma bag that was no good, so in the end I ordered these 
They have been brilliant, they are a thick flexible rubber that fit like a glove, they have kept her foot dry every time and she hasn't worn them out. Her activity levels haven't returned yet but are getting there day by day.


  1. Glad to hear Kara is feeling better, love your work in orchard and also the bee's. I have single bee boxes in our garden and a posh bee bell, daughter got me last year.

  2. Glad to hear that you are still managing to be productive and that Kara is doing well. My bloggy pal Wendy from September Violets has been using those paw thingys for her dog so that they can walk in the snow as the salt on the pavements bothers her dogs paws. They obviously have lots of uses! xx

  3. Glad Kara is recovering from the op, she looks like she's enjoying her bone. How nice to make your own honey, I used to hate honey never like the taste, but a few years ago I tried it again, and I can't get enough of it.

  4. Loving the orchard and bees. Glad your pooch is on the road to recovery.

  5. Loving the orchard and bees. Glad your pooch is on the road to recovery.

  6. I would love to have some fruit trees! Another thing to add to my list of things I want to do when we eventually move! Glad Kara is feeling better x

  7. I am SO impressed by all you have accomplished since the move! The orchard looks terrific..I lover the bees! Hoping to I get both soon..if we ever can get rid of all this ice and glad the dog is doing better. I have never seen those boots but will see if they have them In the US in case we need them...
    Looking forward to the next blog..can we see what you are sewing lately? Any quilts?

  8. It's lovely to see Kara enjoying her bone :-)

    Our old Border Collie Sophie had to wear a padded boot sometimes, she used to break little bones in one of front feet because of her arthritis and brittle bones, she used to take great delight in getting it all muddy and then taking it off, those more rubbery ones look much better.

    Any 6 fruit trees planted together qualify as an orchard ...... so you have quite a large orchard :-)

    Brilliant news on all the hives making it through the Winter.


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