Thursday 19 March 2015

Breakfast With Lambert

This morning I dug out my video camera, I want to try and video the solar eclipse tomorrow morning, I only got the camera last year and havent really used it much, so in an attempt to familiarise my self with it I thought I would do a quick video of Lambert having his breakfast.
Dont get too excited its not a good video, it is really difficult to walk across a field armed with the Alpacas feeds Lambert's breakfast and try and hold a camera steady, I don't recommend it.
So here you go

What else has been going on, we have had some fantastic weather this week, it has meant a lot of time spent out doors. 

The bubble wrap has come off the greenhouse although the seedlings and young plants still need wrapping up at night
 There are new young limes coming along on the lime tree
the raised beds that are planted up are coming along great, 
I have been barrowing in more of the mole hills, sowing more seeds, beetroot and spring onions outside, Globe artichokes in the greenhouse along with plenty of summer bedding flowers, I ave put Okra seeds in to soak they will be planted tomorrow.
I went down to the book reading group on Tuesday evening, an enjoyable time having a good natter with others from the village.
That's me about up to date, the draw for the March giveaway will take place tomorrow night.


  1. Lovely welcome from Lambert, was it for you or his food. Sat lazing in a comfortable hotel, warm and snug, looking forward to Saturday.

  2. Loved your video, Lambert soon got stuck in x

  3. That looks very smart and organized . . . hmmm. Best not show you my garden yet then. More effort needed!!! Isn't this sunshine nice? But still brrrrrrr at night.

  4. Lambert looks in top form. My greenhouse is filling up nicely with pots and trays of seeds. Okra is one of the few veg that I do not care for, salsify is another. I am looking forward to Saturday.

  5. do you use heat to grow your citrus fruit ?


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