Thursday 5 March 2015

A Promise Of Gold

Spring is really starting to show now in the garden, we came to first view the house a year ago this March, when we came to view it was blowing sideways rain so not much attention was paid to what was in the garden, on our second visit we discovered a front lawn full of daffodils but the show was over the flowers were finished.
There seems to be more coming up every day
they are starting to show buds
there are also scatterings of crocuses
and a few clumps of snowdrops
It is going to look stunning when the daffodils come out, I am thinking of putting in some flag markers next to the snowdrops and crocuses and after flowering has finished moving them to the borders, I also think a lot of the daffodils could be moved there are thousands of them perhaps move a lot of clumps up along the drive, having them in the lawn will mean we cant cut the grass for some time, the bonus of course there will be lots of cut flowers to bring indoors, I am looking forward to seeing a host of golden daffodils.


  1. I love your praise of daffodils, they will be wonderful when they are all out! Can't wait to see that sight! xx

  2. It's really interesting living the first year at a new place and seeing what the previous people left for you. My house was rented for the last 30 years so hardly anything, just a few daffs, I've added loads of snowdrops now and I love them!

  3. You have achieved so much in just one year - well done !


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