Monday 30 March 2015

My Monday Make

Hot Smoked Fish, I love smoked salmon and mackerel in fact I love any fish or sea food.
While we were out on Saturday I bought some Mackerel and half a side of Salmon
I got the fishmonger to gut the Mackerel for me, I chopped off the heads and tails and boned them, boning Mackerel is one of the things I first learnt in domestic science at school.
Boning is easy, lay the fish flesh side down and press along the spine, then pull off the spine with the bones, any bones that are left behind are just pulled out.
Next job was salting the fish 
 The salmon was cut into fillets lay on a bed of salt then sprinkled with salt,
I la the tail piece on top and sprinkled that with salt 
cover and pop into the fridge 
The mackerel was given the same salt treatment, they were left in the fridge for a couple of hours,
The point of salting is to draw moisture out of the fish
Its surprising how much liquid comes out of the fish 

rinse the fish well and pat dry leave to air dry for a bit, this is the time to set up the smoker.
I got a smoking cabinet last year when I was doing all the pork.
This time I use an Apple sawdust in the smoker 
Once the smoker was ready I loaded up the fish and closed the cabinet up and left it do its business for the afternoon.
Because it was so windy yesterday I set the smoker up in the wood shed, the smell was fantastic.
 The fish was fantastic too, the salmon fillets I have popped in the freezer for later meals.
For dinner last night we had the salmon tail and mackerel with salad and fresh bread.
This is the first time I have had a go at smoking fish and its been a great success, I will be doing this again, the salmon cost £10.72 not bad for three meals for the two of us.
Next time I would to try adding some flavours to fish while smoking.


  1. I can smell them, I also love all fish, mackerel being one of my favourites, I like salmon with Palma ham wrapped around as well.

    1. salmon and parma ham go great together :-)

  2. That looks so good. Not bad value either. Have you tried smoking cheese yet?

    1. I have only just got into smoking food, havent done cheese, I dont eat cheese by Martin does perhaps one day I will do him some :-)

  3. What's pearvwood like for smoking? I've got a load to plane up for a bed I'm making for someone. That salmon looks good, my mouthis watering.

    1. yes you can smoke food with pear wood, let it dry out and you will be good to go :-)

  4. I think that your salmon sounds incredible!! xx

  5. I have never seen how to smoke fish so thank you for the photos and explanation. I think your salmon was a good price . In Australia the cost of the salmon would probably be twice what you paid.


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