Monday 23 March 2015

Monday Make and Alpacas

Today's make is a crafting make, I have made it for Martin to have in his rented accommodation were he stays through the week
looks a bit odd doesn't it, its a carrier bag holder, stuff the bags in the top and pull them out from the bottom when needed, he mentioned some time ago he could do with one. I have put full details on my craft blog along with another item I made today.
Yesterday it was time to give the Alpacas there vitamin supplement, they need this to prevent rickets along with other things due to the low light levels we have in winter, its given to them in a paste form with one of those big syringe guns with a plunger, like the ones you use for diy. 
The girls have not been halter trained at all, something I intend working on when the babies have been weaned. The girls bucked and kicked and lept about the catch pen on the end of a lead rope, I cant be doing with that so they will be trained to wear a halter and walk on a lead rope.
The boys were angels in comparison.
Nick Nack was the best behaved 
he lay down and calmly let me do his nail trimming and examine his legs he developed a limp over the week end I couldn't find anything obvious and today he seems fine again
he looks like he is having a snooze
he continued to stay down until his harness was take off then he leapt up, he doesn't usually have a pink mouth, its the vitamin paste, if they were all to lie like this it would be great.
Lambert was very intrigued watching what was happening to his buddy.
I did get stuck into clearing more of the borders in back garden yesterday in readiness for an order I have coming.
A collection of Day Lillie's
A collection of skyscraper Lillie's
20 Asiatic Lillie's 
20 Oriental Lillie's
Can you tell I like Lillie's, the young plants in the greenhouse are coming on great and before I know it they will also need planting out Lupins, Dianthus, Cosmos, Rubekia, Helichrythums, Anthirnums, Sunflowers and Zinnia. I really don't want to buy in perennials or bedding annuals I have loads of seed packets so I am using them up.
On the same order I have coming
Monkey Puzzle Tree
Orange Tree
Lemon Tree
2 Plaited stem Oleanders to stand by the front door
Acer Nugendo Flamingo tree
I was looking for a Eucalyptus tree but they didn't have what I wanted, it would have been rude not to put an order in. 
I want to add plenty of trees to the garden with interesting foliage and colours, there are a few gaps in the existing trees to fill.
Martin took the scaffolding down from the side of the house, 
brilliant I wont keep banging my head on it.
That's all my news up to date I think. 


  1. Another busy weekend for you! All of your lilies will be beautiful when they grow and bloom. xx

  2. Another productive day, bet Lambert was relieved and happy to watch.

  3. Do you plan on keeping the citrus inside overwinter? I've always fancied a lemon tree but thought it would die over winter?


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