Thursday 29 September 2016

Seeing Red

Yesterday was a busy day in the kitchen
I had to get those two boxes of tomatoes dealt with out of the way
but before starting with them 

 The soot box on the rayburn was due a clean out, I try to do it at least once a month and with the flue brush a keep sweep of the flue
This is what coats the inside of the flue, tarry deposits from the wood we burn, if its left to build up it will choke the flue, its easy to clean out and just another regular maintenance job.
 Then it was on to those tomatoes, I was asked if they are organic
 unfortunately not.
If I hadn't have lost my plum toms to blight then I wouldn't have bothered with them, but at a £1 a box it was worth it.
I got started with the canning
 15 pints of stewed tomatoes and veg, the veg is onions peppers and celery, adding the veg alters the acidity of the tomatoes so they can be canned. A good seal on all the jars, these will be ideal for adding to all sorts of meals, with the ones I have already canned from our own tomato's I now have 32 pint jars in the store cupboard.
The tomatoes that were left over got sliced up and 7 trays went in the dehydrator.
Out of the dehydrator for the day before 
 Sultanas from the green grapes
 and more Raisins from the black grapes.
Today I am going to get the peppers chopped up and into the dehydrator.
I have a very busy time at the moment, between harvesting veg, preserving it, sorting the growing area ready for winter and next years growing, the lambs are ready for the freezer, I am sewing every spare moment for craft fairs and orders that are coming in thick and fast just to add to it all, I have had a gift shop contact me and ask to stock some of my cushions, a very nice order I did think about it with so many balls to juggle at the moment, I have accepted the order, well why not, then last night another enquiry from another shop a smaller order, still thinking that one out.
Martin will be home tonight tomorrow will be a day spent on the sewing machine playing catch, got a big craft fair Saturday its the village Autumn Fair. :-) 


  1. Wow. You DO have a lot going on. I think I'll leave the Rayburn cleaning job to Jon! Yummy tomato canning done and what fab news on the shops wanting to stock your lovely handsewn items. Well done you.x

  2. Just remember to breathe and out!! x

  3. I need a lie down after just reading this!

  4. I'm a person who cant say no too. Look after yourself Dawn don't over do it.

  5. Lots for you to do at the moment, so hope you take time out to catch up.

  6. Those tomatoes look sooooo good Dawn-x-

  7. I'd love the recipe for the stewed tomatoes Dawn!! I've only ever preserved passata style with the lemon juice as I was worried about botulism lol I'd love to be able to preserve them plum style, with the veggies too. They would be tasty! And thanks for letting me know if they were organic or not. At that price, we'd consider moving back to the UK lol

    I get exhausted just reading about all you're doing!

  8. How useful all those stewed tomatoes will be, keep you going for a bit. You're so busy, it takes my breath away xx


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