Monday 5 September 2016

Its That Time Of Year

It was a very busy Sunday, Martin had to get the two goats butchered and packed he was on a short week end and was return last night, the goats weighed in at approx 21kg each the same as the goat we did the other month, even though these were 2 months older.
I did help with the packing and labelling, in between my sessions in the kitchen.
 2 malt loaves go done, we have visitors coming this week end
 The usual loaf of bread
 I did harvest some more tomatoes, 5lb and a couple of courgettes, pepper and celery and this was all stewed together and canned as base for casseroles this winter, I have used the tattler reusable lids on this batch, I have ordered another couple of boxes of them, I like the tattler lids I know some people don't like using them.
 I made up a big pot of courgette, broccoli and bean soup for lunch, there was also plenty for Martin to take back for some lunches.
 All the veg was prepped for dinner mushrooms, courgettes, pepper, chilies, garlic and coriander all from the garden
 Venison strips were marinaded,
A very quick stir fry for dinner as I knew we were going to be pushed for time.
I had a check through on what is left in the canning cupboard
Not a lot really, I have done an inventory of the freezers and keeping it up to date, I have now started with the canning, 
Jams, jellies and pickles are next they are in a different cupboard, then I have to do a list of the dehydrated stuff.
As beans are coming like there is no tomorrow I haven't had time to get them canned they have been prepped and in the freezer, this week I want to get them canned to free up some more freezer space. I must try harder with the canning side of things.
Sunday October 31st 1982
Up at 8-30am, got cows in no milk from Piggy, calf had it all.
Walked farm with R and C, had lunch a 2pm, then walked forestry road to holiday cottage, had tea and cake R & C left at about 6pm, 
lovely to see them, brought up a kitchen wall clock and a box of goodies chocs, cigs 2 tea cloths.
Mr Coates came up to discuss hay payment and removal of other items. 
Ram (blue faced Leicester ) arrived on hire and on his last legs, poor old sole, John cleaned up his feet. 



  1. Nothing like a productive time on all fronts! Malt loaves look yum! Dawn, is it possible to do sweet pickles for longer than keeping them in the fridge? The ones I did are lovely but I can't seem to find a recipe for long term keeping and I don't want to lose the cucumbers. Hope to get some new jars and lids soon.

    1. I have some recipes for canning will have a look see if there is a water bath one

  2. Your winter pantry is coming along, so lovely to have so much of your own wonderful home grown produce.

  3. Your cupboards must groan under the weight of your produce. I've certainly learnt what I want to grow next year. I love the way you use so many different methods of preserving.

    1. I couldnt possibly freeze everything, and frozen food does not have such a long shelf life, variety is the spice of life

  4. Those malt loaves are looking mighty delicious...I'll have a virtual slice please! x

    1. They are easy to do and improve with keeping

  5. My brother used to live on mslt loaves!

  6. I love the thought of getting ready for winter using your own grown items. Well done! I bet the goat's meat cooks up lovely.

    1. Its lovely to know we will still be eating our own produce in the coming seasons


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