Friday 9 September 2016

I Amaze Myself Sometimes

Yesterday I was experimenting with the steam juicer, after doing the grapes I thought about putting the juiced grapes into the dehydrator, after all I had nothing to lose 
 When they went into the dehydrator
 when they came out
 yes they are raisins, look like raisins and taste like raisins,
I am surprised you didn't hear me shout eureka.
I did do a bit of research on line first, black grapes make raisins, green grapes make sultanas, and currants from a very small bush grape.
 The pear pulp was turned into fruit leathers, rolled up and snipped into chunks for snacking on.
 Today I did a crate of apples, the pulp will tomorrow be turned into apple leathers.
 There was a good amount of juice from them to.
The fruit juice from the steam extractor is pasteurised because its exctracted by heat.
Taste wise it taste like the fruit it has come from, I suppose the best thing to compare it to is the long life fruit juice you get in cartons.
I have visitors arriving this evening, most of my day has been spent preparing for them, more bread, making up beds and sorting out for tomorrows meals.

Tuesday November 2nd 1982
Up at 8am, letter arrived from mother with cutting of Michael winning trophies.
Drenched 31 ewes, and hired ram with fluke and worm, trimmed feet and marked with blue S, trimmed prince and bathed him.
Electricity phoned coming tomorrow late morning.
Bed at 10-30pm


  1. I have found that grapes in the dehydrator make much better tasting raisins than the ones you buy in the stores.

    God bless.

  2. You never cease to amaze me, you truly want to be self sufficient, I love the way you plan your crops and then preserve them. I can't wait until your next thing. Enjoy your weekend and your juices.

  3. Well done, you are very clever , It would be nice to taste a cake made with the raisins you have made dried fruit is very expensive too xxx

  4. I did start writing a comment, but then went over to Amazon to have a look at that juicer so I don't know if that comment was deleted by Google or not. Anyways, I was not initially fussed with the juicer, but after reading today's post I have changed my mind. I did try dehydrating grapes last year but they took an age. Did you buy pipless grapes? We can't get pipless here, and to take the pips out of each grape would seem such an effort.....I know, because I tried! And did you have to cut the grapes open before they went into the juicer! This is soooo interesting!

  5. Dawn! Wonders never cease at what comes out of your kitchen! A-maze- ing!

  6. I've got grapes in the dehydrator today, also! I can't stand a store bought one since I've started making my own. Yum!

  7. That's a brilliant bit of kit as you're getting twice as much from each product. The juice would normally dehydrate but you are extracting and storing it. Clever stuff.

  8. when I tried making raisins I gave up after about 3 days in the dehydrator as they still just looked like wrinkly soft grapes, i think there is definitely a case for me acquiring a steam juicer!

  9. Your house is a constant hive of industry!

  10. That's incredible to be able to make your own raisins-x-

  11. You're so productive. I never knew about the difference between raisins and sultanas, goodness knows where i thought sultanas came from! XX

  12. Well, once again I take my hat off to you! Even John Seymour didn't make his own raisins!


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