Saturday 24 September 2016

Just One of Those Days

It has been overcast and windy today, I spent the day indoors,
I was excited to see the first couple of piquant peppers had ripened, Dani over on Eco Footprint sent me seeds last year, 
 They have come on a storm and are laden with fruits
Cucumbers are still being harvested
 I made up another couple of jars of refrigerator pickle I used some red onions in these and one of the jars has a chopped piquant pepper in and the other has chillies. The other pepper I have saved for Martin to try.
 I also did a bit of baking, this time an easy lemon curd cake, using some of the lemon curd that I made the other week using some of our own lemons.
Once I had finished in the kitchen it was down to the cabin for me, I have been working on a few new lines for my stall
this is one of them
 Children's book cushions, they have a pocket on the front to hold a bedtime story book, the cushions will be in a boy or girl style.
This one is the little boy, I got all the bits stitched out just need to put them together now.
Next week end I have a stall at the Autumn fair in the village and hope to take some of the cushions along with me.
Feeling a bit drained tonight so I am kicking off my shoes putting my feet up and finding something to watch on TV :-) 


  1. The cushion is lovely, they should sell well.

  2. Sweet idea for the cushion! Love that shared seeds have produced for you too :)

  3. Dawn - I'm so glad yours are ripening. Piquante peppers aren't hot - though the seeds have an unexpected kick to ones fingers lol. When you have enough try using them in the recipe on my blog - we has some on smoked chicken pizza's the other night - delicious 😉

  4. Love that bushion Dawn! Peppers look yummy.

  5. Lovely present for a child. Hope you do well at the fair.

  6. I love to read how you are using and storing your harvest, you really ensure nothing is wasted. Love your cushion, hope it sells well.

  7. That cushion is delightful - I wish I had a child to buy it for.

  8. Gorgeous cushion.....what a fab idea.
    Hope you are feeling better after putting your feet up for a while-x-

  9. How great your peppers are doing well, I hope that the crafting goes just as well too! xx

  10. Hope you are feeling rested. Nice cushion, and I am sure that they will sell well. Nice pickles too. I have not made any pickles this year as have been too busy keeping up with the larger harvests, but I shall have a go in the future.

  11. I hope you enjoy your rest up. Budge up on the sofa and I will join you! I am hoping we can meet up soon as I have some "windows of opportunity" now our busiest summer ever is behind us. Will phone you and make sure you don't have guests.

    LOVE your cushion idea.

    Your lemon curd cake sounds great - I will ask (nicely!) for the recipe please.


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