Tuesday 27 September 2016

Raisins And Grapes

I was up at 5-30am and got started with a few jobs in the kitchen, 
First up was a Raisin Loaf
I made it with some of the raisins I made the other week,
Once everyone was fed and watered I picked some courgettes
 They are starting to slow down but there is still some coming on, I am really happy with the courgettes this year, I only grew on two plants one yellow one green and they have produced a steady amount for us.
 I made up a pan of a thick courgette soup with three of them, the soup has a nice spicy kick with added cumin coriander and Cayenne pepper.
I had to pop out a pick up a few bags of animal feed, while I was out I popped into Thomas's fruit and veg to see if they had any more crates of grapes
 I got six boxes 3 of each colour for £1, I had already made a start with them when I took the photo hence why there is one missing.
I started with the green grapes, into the steam juicer
 Then it was the turn of the black grapes, two nice bottles of grape juice,
 after juicing the grapes were popped into the dehydrator, I am hoping the green grapes will be like sultanas when they are done.
They did have some wooden crates of a smaller green grape for £2, I might try some next time if they still have them.
But what I did pick up was
2 boxes of tomatoes and a box of peppers all at £1 a box, looks like I will be canning tomorrow.

Monday 8th November 1982
Up at 8.30am, Blue Boy was put out with rest of the flock, seems a lot better. Lucky showing first signs of calving.
Coates came took again more gear, counted hay approx 2,700 bales.
Douglas paid him for some cats, put in barn for first time.
Took fence down round bit of garden.
Molly and Douglas went at about 4pm. Had to change tyre, found scratch mark all along one side of car.
tired in evening went to sleep had bath about 1am.



  1. I love the look of those toms for canning! I need to find a place like that!

  2. Hi Dawn

    Very green at your veg supplier - super prices. I hav

  3. What great prices for these fruit and vegs. Is it a wholesale market you go to?

  4. Such cheap produce Dawn! Is it organic? I love reading about all you're doing so much! The highlight of my day :) something to aspire to for sure!

  5. We had a pretty good grape season but I ended up feeding most of them to the chickens because I was so pressed for time due to all the rain.

  6. Nice produce shop you have locally...

  7. Great prices and brilliant use of them all. Well done Dawn you don't waste a thing.

  8. Love the trays of tomatoes, courgettes look great and the raisin cake? mmmmmmm!

  9. Wow....I wish we had a greengrocer where I could get produce that cheap.
    Love what you do with it all-x-

  10. There's a lot of hard work going on down there by the sound of it Dawn.

  11. Enjoy your canning and processing and storing! xx


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