Sunday 25 September 2016

Just Compost

Compost its what breathes life into the garden soil, when we moved here I quickly put up a compost corner
it served purpose although it difficult to turn and it spills out. I have had lovely compost from it, at last my temporary compost corner has a new home
Martin made me three nice big compost bins,
the front boards pull out, as the bin fills I can close up the front with the boards stopping it all spilling out.
Bin number 1 is on the left, once it is full it will be turned into bin 2, I can start again filling bin 1, again once full 2 will be turned into 3, 2 into 3 and 1 into 2, I am hoping once 1 is full for the third time number 3 will be ready to use, if not Martin will add another on the end. We need to add an open mesh bin for leaves and wood chippings, we have one of those plastic compost bins in the back garden, it drives me nuts as its very difficult to turn the heap, it is used for any kitchen waste, I haven't been adding it to the main heap because Sol would just scavenge through it, now I can get it emptied add to bin 3 with the stuff from the original heap.
I do add some waste to the wormery, they break it down to lovely compost, and of course I can take of liquid fertiliser, I have the lid fastened down to keep Sol out, I am now going to move the wormery over beside the big bins and sit it on a slab.
Something I have to sort out is dog poo as it is not suppose to be added to compost bins because of the pathogens and harmful bacteria , we have a separate bin for it, but what to do with it how to compost it down to be used on none edible growing areas, its something I am reading up on.
Sunday November 7th 1982
Up at 9-30am, Rained nearly all day, Ram arrived (Blue Faced Lester) from young chap at Abergorloch, went and checked sheep then drove on to Gwernogle to have a look around, arrived back at 1.30pm, went up for a nap very bad head.
Molly got the tea ready she made a lovely chicken pie, had a very nice tea, washed Molly's hair.
Put the ram that arrived in with the 31 + 36 speckle face ewes.



  1. That's a very cool compost system he built! Could I borrow him for a day? LOL

  2. Oh, you are a lucky lady 🙂 Your setup looks excellent. Are you adding any alpaca poo to your compost bins?

  3. Marvellous, efficient looking compost bins - lucky you.

  4. What a great system! Your smallholding looks more and more professional and goes from strength to strength every day. Well done you! xx

  5. Great bins, clever Martin. Having the right equipment makes jobs much easier.

  6. Love the compost bins!! I just have the black plastic ones and an open arrangement with cinder blocks and chook wire. It is used for the chicken coop straw mainly.

    As for dog poo, I was reading that you can dig holes and burry lots of it in a go burying it near the roots of fruit trees Etc would add good nutrients without any risk.


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