Monday 19 September 2016

Garden Preperations

Yesterday was spent out in the garden,
I have been clearing beds removing all the weeds
 Breaking up the surface, I have a delivery of spent mushroom compost coming later this week, as beds are emptied I plan to top them up with the compost, we have so little soil here, building up is the only way to get depth into the beds, also what soil is there is very claggy, I did add a load of mushroom compost when setting up the beds, another dose will do them the world of good, the beds then will be covered over, come spring it will be all systems go.
The above bed with be brassicas next year, everything will move down a bed.
 The sunflower heads have all been cut, they are in the poly tunnel drying out so I can harvest the seeds, some will be grown on next year, some will get added to chicken feed and some will go into the kitchen, 22 heads crammed with seeds.
 Martin got the lawn cut as well as a few other odd jobs, it has been a dry week end, we have had rain over night and today promises to be a nice day the sun is just starting to burn through.
Martin and Sol have gone to walk up Pen a Fan, I am going to head down my cabin. 

Thursday November 4th 1982
Blue Boy a little better, temperature dropped a bit.
Got flock in and sorted out 55 welsh mountain, drenched trimmed and marked with S. Collected speckled faced ram from Mr Little Gwernogle and put in with main flock, feet trimmed and drenched.
Welsh mountains put up in very two top fields with one teddy ram.
Put cats out for 1st day.


  1. I've just finished my first draft of next years plan. This year we planted anything anywhere but that has now dictated what's going where next year, for the most part. Love tasks like this.

  2. I saved some sunflower heads last year but it was so time consuming to get the seeds out. If you know a good way id be interested.

  3. We lost all our sunflowers last summer to the cockatoos...who ripped them apart before they had even developed properly...that was through netting too!

    I'm getting my beds ready too...but mine are getting ready to plant into rather than tuck up to sleep :D

  4. I hope I will be able to add some of the compost that has been in my bin for the last 5 months onto my small raised beds. I have a couple of sunflowers so I think I'll give those to the chickens. Loving the planning thing at this time of the year.

  5. Dont forget the garden birds. With sunflower heads!

  6. saw the photo on FB of martin and sol on their walk, looked like they had a great time

  7. You got a sunflower harvest! The birds always devour all mine long before then, so I grow them mostly just for the beauty of sunflowers.

  8. Bet those sunflowers looked a real picture before going to seed. Nice to see Martin making use of his big boys toy!! x


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