Friday 23 September 2016

Strawberry Haircut

It was a gorgeous first day of autumn yesterday, blue skies and sunshine, I was working in the fruit cage getting another seasonal job ticked off the list.
The main strawberry bed, all the runners had to come off, and the old leaves cut back, they are growing through membrane to keep weeds at bay.
All the old straw was removed it will only harbours pests over winter, I cleared a good foot of ground around the bed and made sure all the membrane was tucked in all around so there is no chance of the wind ripping it off.
Next year will be the year we start harvesting strawberries, there was a few this year, many of the plants were new ones and I wanted them to get established rather than produce fruit.
Raspberry area is next 
I am picking a bowl of raspberries every other day, mine are autumn fruiting rasps, I keep looking at the golden rasps and might get some to pop in the bed.
The spent mushroom compost delivery was due to arrive, I had a phone call from the delivery company which is not the company I buy from, they said they were unable to deliver as there is an access problem, what access problem, it seems the driver has said he knows the area and he wouldn't be able to get is lorry here, utter utter rubbish and I told them that, there is no access problem here, there is room to turn, unload the drive is fairly wide and the road is in good condition, upon asking how big is the lorry expecting an arctic, 7.5ton was the reply, I nearly choked, and told them to get the delivery here as there is no issues, lets see if it arrives today.
Saturday November 6th 1982
Went to Carmarthen mart, bought food shopping. John and Douglas went into St Cleare to take back Kew pressure washer to have it looked at. Had fish and chips in the mart, walked around the shops, bought a spade, two forks and a squeezy mop. Came home had tea, made 6 loaves and two currant loaves. Finished back of cardigan for John, Bed at 11.30pm.
( I was asked about her husband, she left her husband and moved here with her new partner John after her divorce, I don't know if she is married to John, I don't know what relation Molly and Douglas are to them but they visit most week ends and seem to be adults) 




  1. It all looks lovely and neat Dawn....ready to get going next year.
    Hope your compost arrives-x-

  2. I didn't realise you were to cut the strawberries back. I'll look to getting ours done this weekend.
    Our raspberries are still producing from the same bush that started early August, maybe earlier - so I have no idea if they're summer or autumn fruiting! :) Happy Friday!

  3. Our autumn fruit raspberries are still going strong and don't they taste absolutely delicious.

  4. I hope that your delivery arrived and in a sensible sized lorry!! xx

  5. I gave mine a haircut before coming away. They had started to put on new growth so I'm hoping with a good over winter feed they'll be top producers.


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