Wednesday 21 September 2016

Out and About

Yesterday I went over to visit Louise Welsh Dreams Now Reality
I have met with Louise before and even though I am only 45mins away from her there just never seems the time to visit more often.
I was a bit late arriving, I got distracted 
I had to stop and speak to these two young men along the way
Sorry I cant remember your names gents, they are following an old pilgrim route from St Davids to Snowdon, 4 weeks walking with the cross and hope to arrive on the 8th of October, they are doing this challenge to spread the love of Jesus, two lovely men to talk to with an interesting story to tell, if you see them stop for a chat it will make you smile. 
I had a lovely visit with Louise, she has only been growing veg for 6 months and is doing so well.
For lunch Louise cooked a lovely cheese free quiche for me and before we knew, it was time for me to head back.
Sol was out walking the other day 
 He went with Martin up Pen Y Fan, perhaps he will get up Snowdon one day.
The old boy was a bit tired and slept all the way home.
Today is the official first day of Autumn, it looks very autumnal outside, with mist hanging over the valley, leaves are starting to turn and fall. I do like Autumn its the time to get cosy in front of the fire and lots of warming meals, salad days are for summer.

Friday November 5th 1982
Rained all day, did lots of washing, washed hair, cleaned up, made sponge. John pressure washed the veterinarian room!!! then started on the roof, then found to be not working properly.
I took pick up to check sheep at the top, all well and all there.
Molly and Douglas arrived at 1/4 to 10.


  1. Well done Sol! Dawn in the diary entries is the lady still with her husband...seem to be lots of males mentioned...not sure who's who!! x

  2. Lovely to see you too Dawn and, as ever, thank you for your help and advice especially about my plans for the coming months.

  3. It's always good to actually meet fellow bloggers - the very fact that you blog with them means that you have a lot in common when you meet doesn't it.

  4. I am loving these crisp, cold and sunny mornings Dawn-x-

  5. Sol looks how I feel some days. Lovely to meet fellow bloggers.

  6. Sol is gorgeous, I say that every time, just beautiful.
    How lovely that you guys met up again, I bet you could natter forever! It'd be lovely to have an annual bloggers meeting - a day wouldn't be long enough :D.
    I couldn't agree more re Autumn and the cooking smells etc. We have salads for lunches at work but they will change to become more carb based and the evening meals will give way to stews and the slow cooker. I love Autumn!

  7. It must be great to meet a blogger friend. Love the photographs of Sol. He looks a real character.

  8. Hi Dawn! This is Lindsay, one of the two guys you met carrying the cross. It was lovely to meet you too and have a chat. We hope everything continues to go from strength to strength for you with the blog and smallholding. If you want to find out anything more about the walk just pop down to God bless! Lindsay and Emyr.


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