Tuesday 6 September 2016

Just Sol

This post is just about Sol, 
Transformation from city dog to country dog
 In the 18 months that Sol has retired and come to live with us he has had a transformation in his lifestyle, and being a chilled out kind of dog he has taken it all in his stride.
 He chills out in his padding pool
 He chills out with a frozen yogurt
 Or sometimes a puddle on the driveway
 Regular visits to the beach 
Includes a dip in the sea

Sometimes his endless search for edibles gets him into bother
taste testing the supplement for the lambs 
 or getting caught in the fox trap
 He has totally immersed himself to country ways, foraging for blackberries
 Admiring the changing views in the valley throughout the seasons

 A trip up Pen A Fan

He loves to meet new arrivals to the ranch 

And playing with friends

Lots of naps to re-charge his batteries throughout the day

Here is a short video of Sols favourite past time at this time of year
forging for blackberries 

I hope you have enjoy this insight into Sol's life in the country 


  1. What a lovely video of Sol! I have never seen a dog foraging for blackberries (or any other fruit for that matter) before.

  2. What a lovely dog! He's a country natural, isn't he?

  3. That is so lovely. Jake hasn't quite got the chilled out idea just yet!

  4. This is my idea of one very happy and relaxed dog.

  5. What a lucky dog he is having you both as owners. He must just love his life.

  6. Awww. Every country home needs a dog like Sol!

  7. Sol has adapted really well to his country life. What a happy dog he is. I bet he thanks his lucky stars for guiding him to you two. May he have many more happy years with you.

  8. Loved this post so much! He is a wonderful looking happy dog Dawn. What a great life he has!!

  9. Glad Sol is having such a great life with you. I have a black Lab the same age as Sol. He spends his life looking for stuff to eat but has never tried blackberries !!!!

  10. Aww brought a happy tear. What wonderful memories and many more to come

  11. Aww bless...brought a lump to my throat as my late dog Bramble used to pick her own blackberries. x


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