Friday 20 May 2016

Who Is The Boss

Its the time of year when all the young animals decide they are top of the tree
Kara is going through that stage at the moment, the other evening she tried to take on Daisy the head of the herd, and was very quickly put in her place on the ground
 Kara has now decided that as she is at the bottom of the ladder to take on the next one up Imogen
 The idea is to put the other ones head to ground by pushing on the neck
 She tried
 And tried
 And tried
 Watched by Daisy
Then the others came to watch
Today was not Kara's day she gave up and resigned she is bottom of the herd, she is almost a year old and Imogen is almost two.
No doubt she will try again another day.
Daisy and Nick Nack are the herd leaders and were both very interested in Kara trying it on, I am sure one day Kara will take over the herd she sees to have the same attitude as her mum, who was the boss of everyone.


  1. Kara sounds just like my daughter!

  2. You have to give her full marks for trying so hard.

  3. What a bundle of fun for you to watch.

  4. Always entertaining to watch the youngsters attempt to move up the ladder. Right now all the new lambs are just trying to establish their own pecking order in the wee group section.

  5. Our lambs are also challenging each other now, and I noticed the ram starting to order the younger males about yesterday. He has also started looking more dominant and less lazy, I suppose because he is starting to feel threatened by those younger males.

  6. What great entertainment. Love watching animals.


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