Tuesday 10 May 2016

5 Star Hospitality

Today I had a lovely trip out,
I went to this lovely house in the Welsh country side
A warm welcome awaited me from my hostess.
Over a cup of tea we chatted sat around a beautiful wooden farmhouse table
Made by her very talented husband
Yellow tulips graced the table
Flagstones graced the floor
A visit to the greenhouse 
Lots of lovely seedlings popping up with the promise of harvests to come.
My hostess has recently become a chicken keeper
Her husband made a very unique chicken house 
The feathered girls looked very relaxed and well cared for.
Back indoors for a tasty lunch
Leek and potato soup with home made bread (gorgeous bread) and salad.
Followed by more tea chat and moist yummy chocolate brownies.
A tour of the cellar
I now have cellar envy
It was soon time to say goodbye 
Who is this lovely hostess 
Pop over and say hello a warm welcome awaits you.

I didn't take any photos on my visit there was too much to talk about,
I will share a few photos from here.
 These seeds germinated got me all excited (I am easily pleased) the seeds are pips from one of my own lemons grown here in Wales. I came across a method of germination I had never tried before, it increases the chances of germination.
place the seeds on a piece of paper towel inside a plastic container, mix quarter a teaspoon of unscented bleach  with a pint of water and spray the seeds and kitchen towel with the mixture until it is all damp, fold the paper towel over the seeds pop on the lid and leave some where warm.
mine are sitting on the shelf above the Rayburn.
I first came across the method when researching how to grow my Rainbow Eucalyptus seeds 
here is the video I found 

That's all for today hope you have all had a good one.


  1. Looks ace, we've followed Louise based on your recommendation

    do you know what it is about the bleach that helps with germination? seems a strange one since bleach is designed to kill all forms of life

  2. Bless you Dawn! I enjoyed our chat so much and thank you as always for you help and advice. Especially regarding the chickens bed time!

  3. I enjoyed your post. Good Idea on the bleach.Seeds sometimes mildew kills the seeds in a plain wet napkin, which I've experienced many times and bleach would simply prevent the mildew. I used a mild water-bleach mix on new day lily roots prior to planting before. (It gets rid of anything that might cause rot later.) Cheers.

    1. thanks for the answer! interesting stuff :)

  4. Hope your seeds do well! Glad you had a lovely day with your new friend!

  5. Neat trick with the seeds. I am surprised the bleach doesn't harm them though. I will remember it when I get back to planting hopefully next year.

  6. Great advice for the seeds thank you. Lovely to hear you've been to Louise's - her blog is great too x


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