Thursday 5 May 2016

Back Breaking Day

After the normal morning chores and animal feeds 
I got stuck into cleaning out the chicken house 
 Fresh straw and a good dusting of Red Mite powder 
There is another broody but I am not having her sit on eggs.
Then it was on to the goat house
 After cleaning out the old bedding I left it to air in the sunshine and then added fresh bedding this afternoon, I also sorted out alternative accommodation for the goat kids, tonight is there first night away from there mums, 
I have been practicing milking the goats, but if we want milk we need to separate the kids at night so we can get the milk in the morning before the kids, after milking they will be able to be together during the day.
 I got a hand pump milker to help with milking, 
I will do another post about it and how it works,
Thelma is now happy to stand without hobbles,
Connie is a different matter.
Then it was down to the bee hives
I wanted to get a bait hive set up.
I attached a little tube to a frame, it contains an oil that is scented to smell like the pheromone that attracts bees.  
 The frame was popped into a empty hive
 And left in position to see if a swarm will take up residence,
I want to get another couple set up at the week end.
I have also been weeding, digging, shifting muck, planting, watering and of course I popped out to vote.

Its been a glorious day my back is feeling it tonight, along with my legs, tomorrow should be an easier day,
I am now off to shut up the chickens have a shower, dinner and relax with a bit of sewing.
I will do a post on the poly tunnel tomorrow there is so much going on in there.


  1. Wow, a very busy day! Hope you are enjoying a good evening of sewing!

    1. Yes a bit of hand sewing helps me unwind :-)

  2. Ah the beauty of keeping animals, a never ending supply of mucking out and cleaning up. would we have it any other way? NO!

    1. I love it all like a pig in poop :-)

  3. We looked at those hand pumps as well when we had the goats, but never got round to making a purchase, and we wouldn't use them for the cows. The milking equipment for them is expensive, so Lester continues on with hand milking, which he enjoys doing.
    Fitting the milking in to your already busy routine will be worth it, and I am looking forward to reading about how you get on.

    1. They have brought one out for cows now, I decided on the hand pump because the goats have small teats and it ws proving difficult to handle them

  4. Beats the gym hands down for a full body workout! Glad to hear you voted...saw Suffragette on Friday...sorry to say I hadn't heard of any of our police commissioner candidate names, and neither had the officials at the polling station...but vote I did anyway. x

    1. I do believe voting is very important a right I intend excising

  5. Dawn I'm feeling quite exhausted just reading your post. I think I'm like you though, I have a mental list that I have to complete and the sunshine makes it possible. ;0)

    1. I get a lot of pleasure from crossing things off the lists :-)


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