Thursday 26 May 2016

A Sandwich

Lunchtime here at this time of year is a quick sandwich, 
Soup is OK for winter, but I don't really want something hot when the weather is hot.
I am not buying in cold meats for sandwiches
The other evening I was having bacon and eggs there was a few slices of bacon left so popped them in the oven and had them in a wrap the next day for lunch with salad leaves
 I found a packet of wraps in the freezer and thought I would get them used up out of the way, it has saved me making bread this week.
 Last night I boiled up some eggs chopped some chives mixed in some mayo and will have it today with salad leaves in a wrap.
I did start some cress seeds the other day
 cress is easy to grow and it doesn't take long 4-5 days its ready to use.
 Looking through the cupboards there is salmon and tuna fish, these will get used up in sandwiches
as will the mackerel, I wont be replacing the tins when they are gone, I have salmon in the freezer I plan to smoke some of it and perhaps try canning some of it for future lunches.
Cold meat will be whatever joints I cook some will be sliced up for lunches.
Salad leaves we have plenty of growing, and now the first tomato trusses are setting it wont be to long before we can add those.
What are your favourite sandwich fillings ?


  1. Oh , what a question, egg mayo with dress, smoked salmon with horseradish, home cooked ham with wholegrain mustard, soft cheese with raw spinach, hummus and shredded leaves. The list goes on but as ever my favourite is whatever I have at the time.

  2. I've just had to make myself a bacon wrap after seeing yours. I don't think I have any mayo though so I shall grate some cheese to go with it. I rather like prawns on a sandwich or cheese and pickle x

  3. The ham which is on sale in supermarkets is so processed it bears no relevance to proper ham, we stopped buying it ages ago. We bake gammon, proper gammon not reformed, slice it, freeze some. It keeps well, I also love cheese, hubby loves eggs. Most work days I take a quiche home made without pastry, each time we make one we switch ingredients

  4. At lunch time we both love a grilled bacon and egg sandwich. At tea time then we both often have tuna mixed with sweet corn and mayo. I like the sound of your scrambled egg with chives - I have plenty in the garden - I shall try that, so thank you.

  5. I love a good sandwich or a wrap.
    My favourite sandwich is a BLT made with crispy unsmoked bacon, a nice bit of crunchy iceberg lettuce and fresh vine tomatoes.
    In wraps I love chicken with baby spinach, a little mayo and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce.

  6. i'm with Pam above...i have 7,000 favourite sandwiches. but if were playing the game of "you are stuck on an island and could only have one sandwich, what it would it be?" - i would have to answer - lobster and mayo, BLT, tuna and pickle, egg salad (your egg salad looks delicious!), roast beef and mustard, ham and pickle - and then 6,994 others. i looooove sandwiches!!!

    sending love! your friend,

  7. Were a sandwich free family! I homeschool the kids so it's lunch home made every day. We basically spend all summer bbquing food...twice a day...sometimes three times if it's a weekend and my partner says " hey! Let's do bacon and eggs on the flat plate...or black pudding ".

    We don't eat sandwiches because the kids are gluten free. My partner and I are grain free. Gluten free supermarket bread is an abomination! Full of so much rubbish! I sometimes make wraps from things like flax meal and tapioca flour, and the kids have very expensive paleo bread for toast...but to be honest, we all run well on big fresh salads all summer with some bbqed meat, or cold left over meat or tuna/salmon salad with eggs. We also make our own hommous every day from every variety of cooked bean to have with the cruidetes in the salad. Another favourite is " hommous sushi "....the sheets of nori spread with hommous or cream cheese and filled with smoked fish or cold chicken and veggies. Rolled up, it's lovely!

    If we go out, we just take cold cooked sausages and salad, or cold cooked chicken :) don't miss the bready lunches at all!


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