Tuesday 17 May 2016

First Of The Season

Yesterday I started harvesting 
New Potatoes from the poly tunnel
I took up enough just for dinner
They were delicious
Grown from our own potatoes harvested last year
We had them with some gammon and asparagus picked from the garden.
The poly tunnel is doing really well, we are harvesting potatoes, spinach, Swiss chard and lettuce, I am doing lots of succession sowings.
We have another two lots of potatoes in there and I have some outside as well.
Its great not having to buy in veg, it also means we eat seasonal foods, we also look forward to when it is tomato and pepper season rather than buy in the insipid tasting ones they have in supermarkets, also its zero miles.
Speaking of tomatoes it looks like out first trusses have set, so it wont be long before we are picking tomatoes. The peppers are starting to produce flower buds as well.
The idea behind the poly tunnel is to grow veg all year round, I can also bring on crops earlier.
I am having a no dig day today, having sent three days working on poly tunnel number two and when it gets to hot in there to work I have been heading over to the fruit cage weeding and digging there, then when I get too hot in the sun there head over to the house garden and weeding borders there in the shade, 
It has been a glorious couple of weeks weather wise.
We did get all the grass cut in the veggie area yesterday, I will take some photos later.
The very weak chick with the stomach problem didn't make it, I wasn't surprised, the broody has two chicks to look after, i was asked if he was a first time mum, yes she is so perhaps that explains her apparent neglect of the hatching's.
I might set some more in the incubator and this time just hatch them all instead of letting brooders do it.



  1. I love your lifestyle , I have planted some rooster potatoes though in bags behind the shed xxx

  2. Year round veg - it certainly looks like you've got it sorted with your polytunnel :) I'm hoping that the basic hydroponic setup we've installed will enable us to grow for longer periods of time / season.

  3. Ooooh lovely....home grown potatoes.
    Poor little chick. This is why I couldn't cope with animals....I'd be crying for days. I'm too soft-x-

  4. So sorry to hear about the chick. Very exciting about the potatoes, though. I think the first thing we will get to eat is spring onions by the look of them. Can't wait until the tomatoes come but I think that will be a bit yet as they are not 12 inches high yet.

  5. I am sure it is as well that chick didn't make it - it would have always been a weakling and, as such, probably bullied. Chicks have to be hardy to surviv.e

  6. Dawn - your polytunnel is really working out for you and i am jealous you are digging up potatoes when we just planted ours. we have dreams of solar heating our greenhouse year-round so that we can have as much of our own food year-round. we are like guys - we like to eat seasonally and do so as much as we can.

    i'm very sorry to hear about the little chick.

    sending love. your friend,

  7. Not too surprised about the chick, and for the best really. Sounds like a great meal with home grown new pots and asparagus. Well done! As for peppers, I have the tiniest seedlings ever, but they will grow . . .

  8. Everything is coming up great for you. Lovely spuds straight from the garden who could ask for more. It's warmer here now, rain due tomorrow and more successional sowings to do too.

  9. How great to be eating your potatoes already! Delicious!! Sorry about the chick.

  10. Just diagnosed myself with a severe case of poly tunnel envy! X.

  11. Nice!!! So how well do you think the tunnels will hold up to weather and such as time goes by?

  12. I am amazed by all the knowledge you have and know what to do.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  13. I have got new potatoes envy. Our 'outside' potatoes are always ready when it's to hot to really want to eat a lot of them.


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