Thursday 12 May 2016

All Grown Up

Today was the day when lone chick joined the flock
Mama chook has done a good job of raising her little singleton
I needed to move them in with the rest of flock as I the little hen house is needed for some new hatching's. 
I popped mama chook and the chick into the run area before letting out the rest of the flock, I had concerns how the cockerels were going to take to this miniature feathered being,
they all came up to investigate then went around there chicken business.
At corn time 
 It was heads down bottoms up
 And little chick joined in with the others.
I still have a broody and I have eggs due to hatch this week
I decided to put the two together in the little hen house
I popped the 4 eggs from the incubator into the nest box, as I was putting them in I noticed one was pipping, the one far left in the photo, I popped the broody on top of them shut her in the hen house and left her to get acquainted, I did check on her later in the afternoon and she was sitting on them.
Fingers crossed they will hatch over the next day or so, broody will be happy and save me some extra work.
Out walking with Sol today this is what we came across
A slow worm, about 8 inches long also know as legless lizards, they are not snakes and completely harmless,
beautiful creatures.
My day has been spent weeding, planting and shifting pots its been another glorious day I was outside working until 9pm It is so mild out there long may it continue.





  1. When my Orpingtons go broody, I slip a couple of newborn chicks under them as I steal their eggs. They are none the wiser, and do a great job raising the chicks!

  2. Very nice!!! I wish one of my hens would go broody:(

  3. The little one looks like she is fitting in.
    Very sweet.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. It was a glorious day, I got in the garden early then as soon as the temperature rose I retired to the sewing machine. I went back much later and was still pottering as it got too dark to see properly. Loving it.

  5. Morning! Good news about the little chick...always pays to have a protective mother about! I've just responded to your Liebster Award questions...thank you for nominating me. Jackie. x

  6. We have another broody sitting on eggs in a corner of the cow barn. Lissie was sleeping near her the other night, with her nose almost touching the hen. I have no doubt that the hen would not hesitate to give her a sharp tap on the nose should she get too close!

  7. I have not seen a slow worm in years! Lucky you.

  8. So glad the integration went well. That's always my concern! I now have two broodies, but I haven't given them eggs because I'd only like to hatch out Lorps. Can't tell between the Buff and Lorp eggs however.

  9. I have never seen (knowingly) a slow worm before, thank you for educating me! Love that chick is settling in, we have wondered if ours could go in with the rest sooner but I'm always worried the cockrel will hard the young cocks.

  10. slo's are great for decimating slug populations, we used to have LOADS of them on our allotments, beautiful creatures. a shame they are so uncommon these days, most people have never even seen one and don't know what they are if they are lucky enough to glimpse one

  11. how exciting to have them popping, I wouldn't get a thing done for wanting to see them hatch haha :)
    oh I am green with envy that you have hens :( I don't think it's fair at all that our housing association won't let us, especially since we are on a village surrounded by farms and various livestock xx


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