Saturday 21 May 2016

Dog Day

In between normal chores yesterday I had things to sort out for Sol
First up was his bed, I took the cover off to wash the other day to discover the inner pad had yet again been torn open and the contents were spilling everywhere,
This happens because he likes to scratch his bed up into a heap 
I made another pad this time out of one of his many fleece blankets, 
 Machined down the sides then had to get it under the machine to close the end seam
 I cleared plenty of space on my work table, the last thing I wanted to do was spill those polystyrene beads all over the place.
 once put back together he had a quick try out before we took it back to the house
 Comfy bed again, all repaired as you can see Sol doesn't look too happy in the photos, he has an ongoing problem with his neck, Vet says its arthritis, when his neck troubles him he cant turn his head to the left, we have anti inflammatory and pain relief to give him, usually after a couple of days pill popping he is fine, 
yesterday I gave him the last pill in the packet and phoned to vet to pick up some more, an argument then ensued, our vet is on holiday until the end of the month and the locum was not prepared to prescribed more without a consultation, that would have added another £37 to bill, there wouldn't have been anything visible so x-rays would be needed hundreds of pounds later I would have been given the pills I initial went for, 
The info was already on his notes, there was no way I was paying out all that and told them I would go to another vet and would be calling in for his medical notes. A while later they phoned back and said the pills were ready for me to pick up.
I did a bit of research on the internet and found I could get the pills they are a doggie version of Ibuprofen online for half the price and needed to send in a written prescription, when I picked up the pills I told them I will be seeing Simon on his return and will be needing a repeat written prescription. 
This neck problem started the day after we got Sol
 Martin has built him a little table so his bowls are up off the floor and easier for him to access.
I picked this card up yesterday pinned to the board were I walk him, I have been told good things about this, I am giving them a call and see if they can help Sol with his neck.

We are going to the Bulith Wells show tomorrow as that is the better day weather wise, today will be spent laying slabs in the poly tunnel, we had a big delivery of slabs, sands, ballast and cement arrive the other day, the ballast and cement is for Martin to make a start on his work shop area, must get a move on lots to day and no doubt sore muscles at the end of the day.


  1. We've had to deal with vets like that too - they want to do (and charge for) a full exam for something that's already documented. I never go back to those because I feel used and I question whether they really care about the animal. I'll be interested in whether you try the acupuncture. It would be nice to find something that worked for poor Sol.

  2. Hi Dawn

    even though we have a very good vet the mark up that they put on the medications is ridiculous. I usually go online and get the meds where I can a lot cheaper but you do need the prescription.

    Our Sue was a golden Labrador and she ended up with arthritis. vet told us to keep her off cold concrete as that was a chief offender in escalating the cold and pain. However they seem very drawn to it to help them cool down on a hot day. I would be inclined to give the acupuncture a go as if it benefits him in the long term and works for him that is really all that matters. bless his heart.

    Hope the work goes well - Epsom salts in the bath later to help with the sore muscles. take care



  3. I get Ben's shampoo on line at around 35% the price that the vet charges. I do have to have a prescription but got 2 years supply, I am sure that they think in monopoly money.

  4. Scallywag also had arthritis. It's bad enough when humans have it, but when animals do as well, we humans feel so inadequate helping them, don't we. Doesn't seems fair that that affliction should affect animals.

  5. Poor little Sol. It's heartbreaking when they are pain isn't it?

    Anyway Mrs......ooooh are you in trouble. The heads up you gave me on the Fabric Guild when I was looking for Christmas fabric......well I have looked at their website and discovered that the warehouse is only an hour away from where I live.......guess who is going to be joining and paying a visit as soon as I can. I'll let you know how much I end up

  6. Dawn - Sol is sooo gorgeous! how old is he? is he a rescue?

    that new bed you made for him is beautiful....and i love his little water/food thoughtful. yes - do try the acupuncture - i have no experience with it with animals but back in the city had a colleague take her dog for acupuncture for arthritis and apparently it really worked.

    as for prescriptions and pills - check every site you can find on the internet, review them and get cheaper pills. i used to fly quite often and always took my cat with me. my vet was charging me $18 a pill for her to keep her calm pill for each flight. then i met another vet who told me to stop buying those pills and to cut up a gravol pill in 4 and give her a quarter pill each way.

    i hate when vets, doctors, dentists charge for unnecessary work!

    sending much love to you and Sol! your friend,

  7. Some vets are unbelievable aren't they?! The ones we used to go to were very expensive. They turned themselves into a chain of practises and became even more money grabbing!
    Whenever we have needed to take one of ours to the vets it always seems to be on the weekend or in the evening... I think our pets do it on purpose ;)

  8. We have had good results using glucosamine both for our dog and myself.

  9. Short burst of Broadband so am trying to answer a few posts. I took Tess to the vet last week as she came home from the kennels with what was obviously conjunctivitis. I was in for all of two minutes and left with a tiny tube of stuff for her eye and a bill for forty pounds!

  10. Hope the acupuncture works on Sol, but at least he has a new bed to keep him comfy.

  11. Hi dawn , when we had our dog Benji ,we used get a prescription from our vet so we could buy the medication on-line. It was there suggestion as the medication through them would have been expensive .Now when got the prescription it cost us so much for that, but when we sent the prescription on-line we could order the meds three time before we had to get a new prescription. Hope this helps.

    Lisa xxx

  12. Poor pup. My lab had hip and lower spine problems real bad and I had to give her ibuprofen too although at that time the vet just told me to use the people kind.

  13. Do vets rely on us being soft when it comes to animals? My vet once stuck a vitamin injection my dogs neck before we even told him why we were there!!!!CRAZY

  14. Our local pharmacy sells some animal products now, not cheaper but at least we don't have to pay for the consultation.

  15. I feel for Sol. My 11yo lab also has arthritis :( we changed his diet to grain free kibble, raw meat twice a week and fish oils. The change was dramatic! Now he only needs the ibuprofen when he crazily over does it ;) I loved the bed you fixed for him. I hope it lasts a while :)

  16. My vet has told me to use people antibiotic cream and aspirin in the past on our dogs. I see Pioneer Preppy said her vet told her to use the people Ibuprofen too. Maybe google it and if it's OK then you could give them to Sol instead of the expensive vet's ones.

  17. Hi Dawn. Hope Sol is starting to come round and feel better. Sorry you have had such trouble. Luckily Jake has not required too much vet attention so far. Hope you had a fab day at the show today. When you get chance can you tell me the best "kit" for growing mushrooms. Jon is very keen and we can get a great piece of wood from the saw mill for it.x

  18. Poor Sol and how frustrating and time wasting of the vets! I'm glad they finally saw sense and issued you the prescription, hopefully Sol's neck is feeling less painful in a couple of days x

  19. Hi Dawn, I'm a recent follower and have been reading your whole story over the past couple of weeks - so inspiring! I too have dreams of a small holding (but I don't have a handy husband like you so might not be the same!) I just wanted to suggest Kombucha for your Sol's arthritis, you can make your own with a starter, it worked a treat for my mum's old sheepdog and might be worth a try. Our vet charges £10 for a prescription, makes the online medication about the same price, so they've got us there haven't they? Best wishes for your venture, I shall keep reading, Sarah


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