Saturday 28 May 2016

Posh Frock Time

 Yes there occasions that call for posh frock, this week end I am off up to Leicester for the christening of my two youngest grandchildren, I am travelling today stopping overnight and will be home again tomorrow evening, Martin cant come as animals have to be milked, fed, watered and we are not putting Sol into kennels it wouldn't be fair on the old fella.
I am so glad I haven't got rid of my collection of all occasion clothes, you never know when you might need them.
Before I head out on the road we have a job to do, 
New additions
Martin brought home 7 white fantail doves last night my 25th wedding anniversary present, to go in our dovecot. What an old romantic.
 We have to net the dovecot and keep them confined to the area for 3 weeks so they wont fly away,
They are young doves only just left the nest so there shouldn't be a problem settling them in. 
I will take some pics when I get back, its not our anniversary until Tuesday but he couldn't keep them hidden away until then.
Martin is home until the 8th of June, its going to be a busy week,
We have his parents arriving on Tuesday as well for a few weeks, it will be there first visit here they live in France.
Lots going on will catch up again when I get back hope you all have a lovely bank holiday week-end :-)


  1. Nice frock! Have a lovely time, Dawn. What a lovely present from OH.

  2. Enjoy your next few weeks. It sounds like you will get much done and in good company.
    The last time I wore a posh anything was to a funeral a couple of weeks ago! I go to more of them than christenings nowadays!

  3. Safe journey and hope the Christening goes well. Martin will be glad to have you back I am sure. I hope his parents have an enjoyable visit too.

  4. I hope that all goes well with your weekend, enjoy the break away.

  5. Oh exciting...have a lovely trip. J. x

  6. What a wonderful present. Enjoy your time together.

  7. Happy almost anniversary to you both! I love the doves, what a neat gift :)

  8. What a gorgeous present I think he's a keeper! :) just watch out for the pear tree around Christmas ....


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