Wednesday 11 May 2016

Rhubarb Rhubarb

 I got round to harvesting some Rhubarb today
 There was just under 8lbs I dug around for some recipes
 First up was a recipe I had from my grandmother, Rhubarb and Ginger jam, this was a favourite of my dad's unfortunately I never got round to making it for him, I was passed the recipe from and aunty just before my dad passed away, it was the original written out by by grandmother, 4lbs of chopped rhubarb 4lbs of sugar leave to steep for 3 days, I now have that on the way and will continue with it on Friday.
 Next up was some Rhubarb syrup, recipe HERE
It was really easy to make I doubled up the recipe and made 3 bottles of the syrup
 The syrup can be used as a cordial I tried some with water and it was very refreshing.
 I stewed the rest of the Rhubarb and mixed in the pulp left from the syrup, blitzed with some honey, I spread it out on trays and popped it into the dehydrator to make some fruit leathers.
 I filled 5 trays 
They are just cooling off before I roll them and cut into pieces,
 There is info here on how you can do it in the oven as well as a dehydrator

 While I was having  kitchen session I made another Tiger loaf
I had to have a slice hot with butter as soon as it came out of the oven.
I did get a little time outside 
while in the poly tunnel I found this little fella
Trying to get a photo of him sitting on my and was no easy feat, 
Its a Chaffer Bug, also known as a May Beetle.
I let him go outside.
Now Do you know what vegetable this is 
This was the first time I have harvested them, and my second year of growing them
 They can be eaten raw mixed with fruit or vegetables or they can be cooked
They produce two lots of tubers, the big edible one and these small knobbly ones that can be re-planted to grow more plants.
My plant was started two years ago from one small little knobbly bit.
On that note I will leave you to ponder it, I will tell you more about later in the week as I want to try something out with first.



  1. Is that your yacon? What does it taste like? Your rhubarb/ginger jam sounds good, I'm waiting for the next installment!

  2. Yacon. Are they tasty? Apparently the leaves can be made into a healthy infusion (antioxidant and prebiotic).

  3. The Rhubardb cordial sounds delightful. I think one of the great joys of doing it yourself is the things you get to experience that can't be found on the supermarket shelves

  4. Thanks for the rhubarb ideas! Ours will be harvested this weekend and I can't wait. What can you use the syrup for as well as to drink? I'm intruiged!
    Never heard of yacon!

  5. Kev would die for rhubard and ginger jam, will have to make some.

  6. I thought it might be salsify? is that how you spell it but just seen it may be yacon?

  7. We're about a month out form rhubarb I think, but can't wait. Try some of your syrup to flavor margarita's! So delicious. I ad raspberry rhubarb jam last year but to straight up rhubarb-I think I would love that.

  8. Dawn, do you preserve the syrup and if so how? I was given a huge bunch of rhubarb this morning and already have some going into a pear and rhubarb crumble tonight. I really fancy making the syrup as I have a couple of cute clip top bottles I can use.x (This is just the kind of thing I have looked forward to doing as part of our life change. I know, I'm sad!)

  9. Dawn...if you getc chance to say how you preserved syrup, I'd appreciate it 😊


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