Wednesday 4 May 2016

Pretty Stuff

  I have been working on the pretty bits of the garden,
endless weeding and spreading lots of alpaca poo
The soil here is very poor as well as full of stones,
its back breaking work but slowly slowly things are improving.
last year I planted out lots of young perennials they are putting on lots of growth, there is also lots of plants I divided and brought with us, it wont be long before there is lots of colour throughout the garden.  
The geraniums I have grown from cuttings are now ready to start flowering, these pots gets fastened to the fence on the driveway.
Baskets were planted up last month, they have filled out and about ready to go outside, these baskets have a water reservoir in the bottom and the water is wicked up to the plants through capillary matting, 
The half barrels up the drive are putting on a lovely show,
I have some more geraniums to plant in there also some carnations that were grown from cuttings.
This summers flora display has cost nothing, 
its all come from cuttings except for Lobelia that were grown from seeds that came with a magazine last year, many of the garden plants have been divided and re-planted to fill spaces or grown from seed. 
I still have lots more plants to get out, thank goodness the weather has turned and the light evenings are here.



  1. Lovely Dawn. I'm trying to remember to do some pretty stuff too. But time goes nowhere at the moment.

  2. Yes, very pretty, Dawn. Loving the tulips. I have not been able to concentrate on any prettiness for the garden because so much has had to come up, got rid of and is to be flattened. I have some primroses still to move and this morning did some MORE digging in one of the beds but have to stop after about 45 mins or I am in agony the next morning, and we still have the veg plot to do. Ho hum!

  3. Enjoy your flowers!! Always good to have pretty things as well as practical ones!


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