Sunday 17 May 2015

A Lovely Day Out

The sun shone and we had a lovely day at the Bluith Wells show, I had arranged for our lovely neighbour C senior to dog sit for us so we had no concerns over them, after getting the feed rounds done we headed off.
Plenty to see and lots of interesting people to talk to
 Welsh Black Mountain
 Lots of well polished horns
 Badger Face
 Cute hairy pigs
 Sisterly love
 My favourite ginger pigs Tamworth
 Faces only a mother could love
 Lovely sleek coats
 A proper Billy Goat gruff
 Kids on leads
The vintage machinery is always interesting
There was some photos of welsh country dancers but they didn't come out very well,
 I bought some books one is very interesting and intriguing more on that later this week.
I also bought a few plants will show them tomorrow.
I got some Buff Sussex eggs for hatching a dual purpose bird, they are in the incubator doing there thing now.
Martin got a wolf whistle, it makes the sound of a distressed rabbit to lure foxes, we have had a fox visiting at night I have it on the CCTV will try and load it up for you to see, Martin hopes to lure it and shoot it before it cause us some losses.
We got a new bed and collar for Sol and I got some new arrows for my bow and arrow set.
It was lovely to have a day out back to work today :-)

A very short video of the most vocal lamb there yesterday he could be heard all over the hall


  1. Wow, you can buy things at your farm show? I would come away broke! Our county fair as devolved into a carnival with petting zoo. Really sad.

    I so agree about antique farm machinery; it never fails to fascinate. That same county fair had an antique auto display in one building and had a old threshing machine. Folks were referring to it as a baling machine, but if one knew the process one could see what it was, It even still had oats scattered about the hopper.

    Great photos, Dawn!

  2. Sounds like a great day out, love the goats.

  3. It's over 20 years since we went to that show, I love our country shows and often visited Bath & West show. All the different breeds are interesting, glad you both had a good day,

  4. Ha ha, that's a noisy lamb. I love all the photos of the pigs, especially those cute little piglets.

  5. I knew you would enjoy it and I know it will be on your agenda for every year to come. Don;t forget they have a Winter Fair at Builth too. Sounds like you spent sensibly. I look forward to hearing about the book and the plants.

  6. Brilliant photos, I love the Kune Kunes, we'll definitely be getting one as soon as possible to keep our first breeding sow company. I really miss my three girls.

    Looks like a brilliant day out, I would have come away bankrupt!!


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