Sunday 3 May 2015

A Snapshot Of My Day

Yesterday I went to the sale at the village hall, I had booked a table and took along some of the ex shop stock, it all went very well and I met lots of lovely local people while talking to some-one I was asked what on earth do I do with myself all day up here on my own, so I thought I would share a snapshot of my day with blog land.
Usually I am up at about 6am, cup of tea feed the dog let her out, stoke up the Rayburn, throw the washing in the machine make another cup of tea, get myself dressed, take something out of the freezer for dinner
It was spare ribs for dinner also needed milk out of the freezer
then its time to start doing the rounds feeding the animals 
After they have all been fed and Alpaca fields been poo picked, logs brought in for the rayburn
back indoors time for my breakfast usually weetabix and a banana, hang up the washing
check on the greenhouse and poly tunnel
water what needs watering and open up doors
then back indoors
and get some bread on the go 
while the bread is rising 
I can get dishes washed 
sweep the floors and get a few more kitchen chores done
like blanching corn on the cobs for the freezer that I bought reduced
putting away all the bits and bobs that seem to accumulate in the kitchen that belong else were
then its back outside time to clean out the poultry houses
baby ducklings are messy and smelly even though they have access to outdoors
The grown up ducks are not much better 
The hen house is never too bad

although with a broody hen I could only clean part of it
A barrow load for the compost heap
Its now about 2pm 
back indoors and get the bread in the oven and have some lunch
Once the bread is done
put it out to cool
marinade the ribs for dinner
then I might get an hour to myself 
then its off to do another round of animal feeds
Alpacas, sheep, chickens ducks then the dogs 
after all that its time to get dinner on jacket potatoes spare ribs and corn on the cob, time to shut up the chickens and ducks, have a shower and sit down for a few hours before bed much needed sleep before I start again at 6am.
So what do I do all day just everyday stuff :-)


  1. and in your spare time ... ?

  2. I find enough to do each day with a smaller plot and no animals!

  3. Phew!
    My days used to be a bit like that when we had goats,sheep and 3 children at home. I'm feeling quite glad that they don't have to be like that anymore!

  4. You must be wacked at the end of each day with all that to do.

  5. I get asked if I'm bored being at home all day. I have to say that I have plenty of things to keep me occupied, in fact, I don't know how I ever found time to work so I have no doubt as to how busy you are with your animals. Just caught up on your last post, how wonderful to have Sol with you and lovely to see some piccies of Kara.

  6. Sounds scarily like my days! No time to get bored!

  7. The day is soon eaten up when you have regular routine chores to factor in to every day. It sounds like you have a very good routine though and certainly never have time to be bored!

  8. Wow what a fantastic way to keep yourself from boredom. Sound like a perfect day :-)

  9. Wow! As busy as you are, I bet you love every minute of it. I know I would, especially keeping animals. X

  10. Busy busy. Your bread looks delicious.

  11. Your mornings look quite a lot like "The Good Life". How wonderful! Jx

  12. I get asked that question al the time, and I can never think of what to say, like you my days are just full of things that need doing and animals and birds that need attention. An hour at the computer is my idea of absolute luxury, and usually by 8ish that's IT jobs done and time to sit down :-)


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