Thursday 21 May 2015

Visitors Bring Sunshine and A Mystery Book

Yesterday I had two blog visitors, its nice having visitors from blogland, putting a face to the posts,
First Pam arrived from A New Life In Wales I have met with Pam on several occasions, a few moments later Bovey Belle arrived from Codinsandcream, two lovely ladies who I could happily spend hours with talking, 
Pam's visit was to collect some alpaca poo for her garden and she lassoed the sunshine and brought it with her, Bovey Belle brought cakes to have with tea
Blueberry and Peach lovely and moist.
I was also lucky to be given some new plants for my growing developing garden and some autumn fruiting Raspberries to add to the fruit plot.
A lot of my plants have come from friends over years and its lovely to walk around the garden and remember those people.
A tour of ducklings ducks and Alpacas while the sun continued to shine.

After my visitors left I set to with the strimmer and made the effort to tidy up around the raised beds, planted out the climbing beans and bush beans and sowed some brassicas including the red sprouts I got in the Easter swap. The sunshine continued so more plants were got into the ground, a lovely day all in all.

Now the Mystery book
I got this book at the show for 50p band new all the books I got were 50p, anyway I digress, the diary was discovered in the 1930's and serialised in Farmers Weekly, the mystery surrounds who is Anne Hughes it seems they farmed somewhere along the Herefordshire border, there has been a hunt on to find out more about this family and another twist to the tale is the original diary was loaned to an American solider during the war and the soldier left with the diary, A website has been set up to search for answers there is photos on there of the American solider and lots of info about the research into Anne Hughes.


  1. It was LOVELY to meet you yesterday and I have Craft Room Envy now!! I am glad we brought the sunshine and indeed, it has continued today so I am out in the garden any minute.

    That book looks fascinating - I love anything historical. Will go off and check your link now.

  2. I have been busy this morning, bed changed and washing on line. Ironing from yesterday done and put away. My pile of scraps from Hilary pressed, sorted and stashed, I have an idea in mind for them. I am taking Maggie shopping and then it will be the garden for me. I will have a look at your link later, I must get you to show me how to do that.

  3. The book sounds really interesting!! Glad you had a good day with your bloggy pals! xx

  4. The book sounds great. If you're ever over malvern side of Herefordshire make sure you give us a shout.

  5. I thought they had decided that that book was actually just made up for Farmers Weekly because some of the language used in it is too modern to be from the period.
    I had a copy of it once and struggled to see it as genuine

  6. You've just got to love visiting Bloggers bearing gifts whether it be sunshine or cakes, haven't you :-)

    It sounds like a brilliant day, good company, good food and then lots of jobs done.

  7. How lovely to meet up with some bloggy pals. What a mystery that book is, it sounds fascinating.

  8. A good visit and new friends is always a treat.

    So interesting about the book! I'll be on the lookout for it.

  9. The book sounds good, my sort of read. Sounds like you had a good day x

  10. What an interesting book and those muffins look delicious. It's always nice to meet fellow bloggers. Judy X


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