Sunday 10 May 2015

Making The Most Of Wild Garlic

We are still making the most of the wild garlic while it is out there,
today we had Wild Garlic Soup for lunch
it was a very easy recipe
1lt of stock
200grm of new potatoes 
100grm wild garlic leaves
1 onion

saute the onion chopped in a little oil until soft then add the washed chopped potatoes, stir fry together for a few minuets then slowly add the stock, simmer together for 15 minuets then add the wild garlic leaves cook together for about 2 minuets then remove from heat and blend together, season to taste. 

the other evening we had scallops served on a bed of wild garlic that was wilted in a little oil, Martin has been having wilted wild garlic on toast with some duck eggs, we did have some pasta with the wild garlic pesto that I  made last week.

Friday evening we had a pot luck dinner
Just using up a couple of sausages some chopped bacon a couple of slices of black pudding, the last of the home made baked beans mushrooms and some of the sliced dehydrated potatoes onions and gravy left from dinner the night before.
Very tasty it was too.

Other news, the latest batch of duck eggs have started hatching, 4 of the six were viable, one has hatched today the other three have pipped but one has pipped at the wrong end of the egg so I don't know if that one will make it.

I have finished my socks on the knitting machine and Martin has been boxing in the borders for me more on that later this week.

That's all for now :-)


  1. I think pot luck things made using up what's left in the fridge always seem to taste good, as you have to be extra inventive (and hopeful!).

  2. More busy times for you! The potluck dinner sounds nice - although I don't eat black pudding - I like meals like that! I hope that the ducks all hatch safely for you. xx

  3. I'm not good making meals with pot luck, my mum was a wizard at those meals.


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