Thursday 21 May 2015

Five On Friday

I have spent the week watching Chelsea Flower Show getting lots of ideas and inspiration, our edible garden is all up and running now so at last I can concentrate on pretty garden now.
I love plants with strong architectural shapes, I love exotic looking plants with big leaves, I also like formal gardens and blousey flowing cottage gardens, so I plan to intermingle all of that together,
I brought plants with me and now they are all getting planted.
For my five on Friday this week I want to share some of the plants that helping me shape the garden.

1- This is my cup of tea corner
Sedums and Thyme
House leeks and Agave that I have grown from a baby brought back from Gozo

more House Leeks planted into a rotten log

2- Trees 
I love trees of all shapes and sizes Pam spotted this one that has been with me for some years
I think it an Abies Fir but I could be wrong
Acer's I love the shape of the leaves and the colours, this tree I have had for 24 years now.

3 More Unusual
A new carnivorous plant to add to my collection
Another new one a tiny carnivorous pitcher with stunning markings.

4- Container Plantings

I do like containers and every year I say I am cutting back, I have hanging baskets to put up and containers of all shapes and sizes to add splashes of colour.

5- Borders
My borders are looking sparse at the moment they are work in progress, I have planted 100 Lily bulbs, 
These Lily's I brought with me I have added to the collection
This Peony has come too although will not flower this year
I dug up 50 Aliums to bring they are just starting to bloom
 The Herb border is coming on great and was all brought with me.
This border out the front of the cabin will be my shady corner filled with ferns and hellebore's and the Acer trees will be planted here

The garden will fill up a lot over the coming years so this is just a small snap shot of what is going on.

Many thanks to Amy for organising Five on Friday.



  1. What an absolutely glorious garden you have, you must have worked so hard to make it so beautiful.

  2. I love the cup of tea corner complete with cup and saucer :) Also, your sedums in pots.

    Guess the carnivorous plant should help with flying pests in your greenhouse... ;)

  3. It is so lovely to see the decorative areas of your plot too! I love your teacup garden, I can imagine sitting there with a cuppa enjoying a good book, or a chat, or just staring into space and enjoying it!!! Like you I often say, less pots and then go and buy a whole load of bedding plants and end up with them all over the place watering like crazy! They are so beautiful though and too hard to resist aren't they!!! Thank you so much as always for joining in - and I am sure that your link was fine!! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  4. What a beautiful garden, I love the teacup corner a lovely place to sit and soak up all the beauty. A great idea to use the wellies for planting, they look beautiful.

  5. It is just as good in real life as in the photos. Thanks to all the time and effort that you have put in.

  6. Gorgeous! A lot of work for you all that watering but definitely worth it in the end. A lovely cup of tea corner.

  7. Carnivorous plants? Crazy. They looked kind of spooky. I can see why you find them interesting though. My son's could care less for my roses and petunias, but I am sure they would love carnivorous gardening!! I've never been to Chelsea, but hope to one day.

  8. Love your pots, I collect any different type of pot, drives hubby mad, I got rid of all the plastic ones, but I can't resist a nice looking pot. Your garden will look amazing once you are finished with it and it matures.

  9. What a wonderful journey you are on, it is so exciting to create and watch it all grow. Love your tea cup corner x

  10. You garden is so lovely. I enjoyed seeing all the different types of plants you are growing.

  11. Love all your pictures. Love the old pots and log. I'm always looking for unusual containers. It gets very cold here so the terra cotta pots deteriorate and disintegrate and the plastic pots crack.

  12. I know some of the work you face with all the self-sufficiency and am very happy to have found your blog. We are just beginning down the path of self-sufficiency, this year the raised beds are going in to support lots of veg for the household. Living in rural New Hampshire, USA the ground is not very accommodating to growing straight from the ground plus the beds help extend the season a little bit for us. Next year the chicken coop and chickens come and after that I'm hoping for a couple of angora goats to raise for my spinning projects. I'm teaching myself how to spin and weave too.
    Great to meet you and look forward to lots of future visits,
    Beth P
    Harrisville, New Hampshire USA

  13. I love the picture of your cabin, I bet it's an Aladins Cave inside.

  14. You've created a charming place to enjoy your tea. Hope those carnivorous plants aren't too close by!


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