Monday 24 November 2014

Home Again

Kara and me got home late last night, its a great feeling to get home, Kara was overjoyed to be back, the shop is all packed up and closed now, Stock and fittings in storage, Hubby is going to bring up the storage units I want for my cabin next week end and he will load with most of the stock, at some point I will start selling off the stock and the remainder of the shop fittings will be sold off.
Homespun crafts is no more, many of the regular customers called in to say goodbye over the week end, there was many tears hugs and goodbyes. 
Lesley keep smiling :-) it was lovely to see you.
The valued staff of Homespun Crafts
Carol who ran the card making classes is going to continue in another venue, Mandy who ran the dressmaking classes is also going to continue and work with Sue doing craft fairs, 
they are all very talented ladies and very good friends.
So a new chapter opens this week end we should be taking delivery of Alpacas, 
Daisy who has a young female cria at foot called Imogen
Daffodil who is pregnant 
Jolean who has a young cria at foot called Louby Lou and Jolean is pregnant
the young will be ready to be weaned in January
So that makes 5 females that should stop the boys fighting
We came home to -2 and this morning was a hard frost our first real one, my Azalea has started flowering 
such a beautiful delicate flower, and many more to come.
I came home with some lovely fabric from my sister 
ideal for making some much needed door curtains, the cream will go on the front door and the gold on the back door, that will be a little job for me to get done this week.
I am now going to have dinner and do some catching up on blogs :-)


  1. You have had a real mixed time, sad to leave friends behind, and happy the shop is closed and you only look forward. Hope the boys love their new girlfriends.

  2. I hope that it all goes well with the new alpacas and that the boys are suitably well behaved in their presence!! xx


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