Saturday 15 November 2014

What Was In The Box?

This morning after everyone was fed I finally got round to opening the big box that arrived yesterday
It was full of plants, it was an order I put in with J Parker in August, I knew it wouldn't be coming until November, I had actually forgotten about it.
I planted up the ground cover perennials 
The ground is far to wet to plant them out, so i will grow them on for a few weeks.
In the box was also 6 lost label roses if we get a couple of dry days I will get them in the ground, it will be interesting to see what they are like next year.
There was also 2 free gifts dwarf daffodil bulbs and orange tulips, I think I may plant them in some containers to have on the door step.
We have had a lovely sunny day here almost spring like, hubby has been working outside in his t-shirt, The other day in the high winds we lost a strip of felting off the new shed, the stuff they send you is so flimsy a sneeze would tear it, hubby replaced it with something a bit more manly and put batons across the roof to prevent it happening again. He also put the hooks up for me so i could get my garden tools hung up
We will build a long bench under the window and i would like some shelves up on the other side, but there is no rush, I got a lot of the stuff moved into the shed

It all needs organising but at least it now in one place, and after getting this done I felt like I had really moved house, strange that, it must be getting all the stuff in its rightful corner instead of all piled in the barn.
Nik Nack still looks a bit of a mess today 
I have been keeping an eye on him in case he rubs his head and starts it bleeding again.
I think it will take a while for his fleece to clean up, I did wash him down yesterday with a bucket of soapy water and got most of it out of his fleece. 
Hubby is logging at the moment but the light is fading so he will be in soon, I have lit the log burner, about to go and shut the animals in for the night, then have a shower and we are having fish and chips for supper.
Lets hope tomorrow brings another dry sunny day.


  1. Fog/mist/gloom all day here - horrible, we could see that inland the weather was much brighter. Grrrrr

  2. Sounds as if you are in for a warm cosy evening after all your hard work.

  3. I love getting plants through the post! I see the mantis is in the shed with pride of place - I love mine so much!

  4. Roses (David Austin ones) are the only plants I have ordered by post - well, since ordering - many years ago now - some plug plants. I said, don't send early as I have no greenhouse. They arrived in mid-January and of course, snuffed it . . . You have some interesting roses to look forward to and try and identify, and have had a nice outside day by the sound of things.

    It was pleasantly warm today and I am hoping tomorrow will have sunshine too, as we are doing the Carmarthen Fleamarket and it is blardy cold inside this time of year (and they don't give us any heating!) I must remember a square of carpet to stand on . . .

  5. You obviously have the good weather today. In the south east it is cold and grey and drizzling on and off. My husband has spent the day on scaffolding at back of house replacing fascia boards and guttering - and sorting out the mess around our chimney stack due to next house having a bodged roof replacement ( causing us a leak)

    Your plants have arrived in good condition - I've known us to panic when we open a box!

    Hope Nik Nack improves - ears always bleed terribly. Poor boy.

  6. I hope that all your plants do well and that the roses turn out to be fabulous!! They will be a lovely surprise whatever varieties they turn out to be. I find that we always do well with any plants that were free, so I hope your freebies do well for you too! xx

  7. A box full of plants, is there anything better!


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