Monday 4 August 2014

One Month Has Passed

Were does the time go, we have been here 1 calender month already,its time to reflect back on
 what have we achieved in the first month.
  • Most of the inside of the house painted
  • New flooring in all the rooms
  •  Put up the Greenhouse
  • Put up the tunnel.
  • Most of the boxes are now unpacked
  • Bought a tractor
  • Bought a ride on mower
  • Made decisions regarding the garden and made a start on the plans
  • Learned how to cook on the Rayburn
  • The Log pile is building up
  • Water pipes are being laid for a new water supply
  • Taken delivery of pigs
  • Visited the local beaches
Things are taking shape and we are starting to get into a routine, 
it feels like home and we both love it here,
We have made the right choice.

Here is the video of the Alpacas meeting the pigs

I must say thank you to Chickpea from Cornish Chickpea for nominating me for Liebster 
Here is the questions I received 

1. Which period in history would you liked to have lived?

2. Your favourite book as a child?

3. What genre of music would you say reflects your personality?

4.  Favourite quote?

5.  Why did you start blogging?

6.  Describe your character  in 3 words

7.  What is you ‘signature dish’?

8.  If you could be any age, what would it be?

9.  Do you have a heroine?

10. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

11. Sweet or savoury?

 The period of history I would like to have had a taster of is the Blitz, I find it fascinating how peopled pulled together and made the most of what they had, to have a first hand taster of that life would be fantastic.

I loved the Enid Blyton Famous Five books, there wasn't one in particular just all of them and the Secret Seven, a very talented author who could whisk you away on an adventure while you were hiding under the blankets with a torch. I was an avid reader as a child something that has stayed with me.

The music depends on my mood at the time, I love all music from heavy metal, rock and roll, opera to easy listening I am a like all of them rolled into one.

Favourite Quote, At the moment it is " you cant make an omelet without breaking eggs" hubby is always saying it to me.

I started blogging as I wanted to record what we were doing, the lifestyle we had chosen to live and doing it through a blog meant family and friends could choose to follow it. I always wanted to keep a diary but always gave up by the end of January, doing a blog I find more satisfying as it becomes an interactive diary with others all contributing.

My character in 3 words that's a toughie, fair but stern that is how my son described me once.

My signature dish according to my kids and grandson is Meatballs and Tangy Tomato Sauce.

I like the age I am now, although I do wish we could this lifestyle when were 20 years younger.

My heroine is Elizabeth West (author) she wrote Hovel in the Hills, Garden in the Hills and Kitchen in the Hills, its her books that got me interested in a more self reliant lifestyle.

I am now living in my dream location, Camarthenshire Wales.

Sweet or Savoury I am both but never at the same time, unless its salted pretzels dipped in mango chutney.
Want 11 Random Things here they are
I was born in Scotland my family were Scottish and I was brought up in N Wales
I fell out of the bedroom window when I was 5 landed on a pile of bricks and survived
I don't eat cheese of any description
My second marriage was a bikers wedding
I had my first child when I was 16
I am very possessive over my scissors
I love watching disaster movies.
I once cycled 72 miles to my daughters house because I could
I packed my rucksack and walked around the coast of the Isle of Wight by myself.
I use to play the trumpet in school
I wanted to be a Vet or an Air Hostess when I grew up

So that my questions answered, now I would like to nominate

Kev from An English Homestead because he is the only male blogger I follow. :-)

11 Questions for Kev
  1. Your favourite time of year
  2. Your least favourite vegetable
  3. What trends did you follow as a teenager
  4. Favourite radio station
  5. What DIY do you dislike
  6. What were you doing when Elvis died
  7. Favourite time of day
  8. What is the naughtiest thing you did as a child
  9. What Celebrity would you invite to Sunday lunch
  10. What did you have for breakfast 
  11. Were would you like to be in 10 years.



  1. Thank you for answering the questions and the random facts Dawn, I love your answers, you sound strong, adventurous and independent.... and a bit of a rebel. :) I also go mad if anyone uses my dressmaking scissors, I hide them away now!

    Wow you have achieved so much in 1 month, I'm still faffing around trying to paint one room! Love your alpacas, such sweet faces. xx

    1. They do have sweet smiling faces, I was always a bit of a rebel not such much now but still have the odd rebelious moment.

  2. I can't believe how much you've done in a month. Amazing! Took us about 3 years here to get sorted then we needed to start all over again.

    1. Some of what is done is only temporary and will get re-done over time, it was very much make the place livable. :-)

  3. Ah! You've got me thinking now! I'll have a sit down later with those! You've done a lot in your first month, you should be proud. It's like my dad always says "rest is for the weak", I think you'd fit in well with my lot!

  4. Your alpacas sent my cats wild, they did not like their calls. You have done do much in just one month. Dawn you have done do much

    1. Oh dear poor cats, the cats around here havent bothered well not that I noticed.
      Perhaps you have discovered a new cat detterant :-)

  5. Smashing post. The Alpaca's alarm calls sound so sweet bless them. They looked a bit like giant lambs as they hurriedly walked away.

    Jean x

    1. They are settling and getting more accepting of the pigs I had alarm calls yesterday but they are getting less, I think they are doing it for attention now ;-)

  6. I keep saying that you have done masses, and this great long list just confirms that!! xx

    1. I am a want it done now person I cant work in Chaos ;-)

  7. Was Kev even born when Elvis died?lol

  8. I think your answers are so much better than mine, I'm glad you chose Kev Mwahhh hah hah haaaaaaa.

    1. your answers are great Julee, witty like you :-)

  9. Some of the great things about blogging is 1) it's a great way to keep records. Well done on your progress! 2) It's a fun way to get to know people. Interesting reading!


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