Tuesday 19 August 2014

Fun with the Family

My daughter and two grandchildren came down for a couple of days, we all had a great time, the kids loved it here getting to know the animals and having the freedom to run around. A trip to the Books for Free shop they loved the idea of picking themselves three books and not having to part with any money. The collected a basket of hazelnuts for the pigs, visited the neighbours miniature ponies, were taking out on the quad bike and had a go on the tractor.
My granddaughter was given the opportunity to drive grandads pick up around the field
Its a manual drive and for her first attempt at using gears she did brilliantly, she didn't stall the car managed the gears and didn't hit anything
Grandson got involved making a bonfire with grandad we then toasted marshmallows on it.
He loved it and even went and checked there was nothing left of his fire before they left this evening.
We went to the coast yesterday evening for ice creams a play in the sea exploring caves and finished the day with fish and chips.

Today there last day we headed to Haverfordwest for the Pembrokeshire County Show, the weather stayed good, we watched the dog agility the horse parade the cattle parade and checked out the poultry after the judging there was lots to see and two very tired youngsters are now on there way home.
They had a brilliant time and are making plans for there next visit.The weather was very kind to them
Now everyone has departed hubby back to work, family gone home, just me and the critters left on the farm.


  1. Lovely video's glad you all had a great time.

    1. Couldnt do it all the time it made a nice change

  2. Looks like everyone had fun :)

  3. I'm glad you had a lovely time with the family. I felt rather jealous of the pigs getting all those hazelnuts though! - we haven't had many due to the squirrel getting most of them.

    1. The pigs love the nuts, there is still plently more to collect.


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