Friday 15 August 2014

1 Down 1 to Go

Yes still on the gravel, now have 1 ton down just 1 to go,
 it was a great feeling getting to the bottom of that bag
view from the top 
view from the bottom,
now having seen how much 1ton covers I think we may need a 3rd one.
I have moved some of the pots there to break up the starkness of it, also the pots of plants have to be shifted because they were all in the path of the digger that is digging the trenches for the water supply.
This is to be our water supply, the trench continues for another 300m up the drive every 50m has been left open and each end that has now had stop ends put on so the inspector can come out and see the pipe, once he has been the fellas from the water board will connect us up to the supply junction and put us a water meter in. 
Originally ours was going to be connected to the water pipes that run to the house, but after a long discussion with the builder from the barn conversion I made the executive decision to run the new pipes direct to the house the old pipe work is smaller and was put in by the previous previous owner  about 25 years ago and having seen his pipe work with multiple joins its best we do away with it, it has also been know to freeze in winter as its too close to the surface.
So trenches have to be dug right across the garden, they cant be done until after the barn conversion gets its new electricity supply end of next week,  because there existing one runs from us across the garden to the barn right in the path of the new trench.
more trenches 
This trench that did go across the drive has now been filled in.
It wasn't only the digger that was excavating yesterday, the piggies joined in the fun
They are having fun digging over my new veg garden another week and I think we will move there pen,
after a hard days work digging 
They climb into bed for piggy dreams, you can just see them in there stretched out on the straw click on the picture to enlarge it.
I have also been doing some cooking, no pictures, I did a batch of mini lamb pasties to feed the workers and made a few larger ones for hubby to take back, also a lamb hot pot for one of his dinner next week. 
That about sums up my day. until next time ..................


  1. Your trenches make our recent groundworks look tiny in comparison! The gravel looks great though - keep chipping away at it and the job will soon be done...

  2. The gravel certainly looks smart. I was thinking about the water meter - obviously you have no choice - you need the watering system, but I would imagine it incurs huge bills. I am dreading having a smart meter installed (unwanted but forced upon us) simply for our household use.

  3. Your gravel area looks very nice indeed! The pots add a bit of difference and softness in just the right way! xx

  4. You guys work so hard, it makes me tired just reading about it xx


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