Tuesday 5 August 2014

Indoor Day Today

Woke up to a down pour this morning, while laying in bed changing my plans I thought I would make a start on painting the spare room, we have family visiting in a couple of weeks and I really need to sort out the rooms, the 2 spare rooms only had there ceilings painted when we first moved in, so it was walls that just needed a going over with magnolia to freshen them up
there was a brown wall at one end of the bedroom, not any more its gone
I moved the bed to the other side of the room
The pattern on the walls is from the lampshade
I had to pop to town to get some lampshades I like this one its woven twine, while in town I picked up some lampshades for the living room 
Suede up lighters the pattern is made of tiny holes, they were in the sale £1.99 each
I also picked up some some nice light organza voile's for the living room

The picture doesn't show then very well, they are cream coloured with Alium flowers embroidered on them, again in the sale 2 pairs for £12, I need 4 pairs in total as we have a window at the other end of the room, the windows are not very big and have a deep recess so for me voile's are good as they let more light in.
That is all I have really done today, now that room is done I need to get the other room done as well, there is one wall to strip in there.
At some point I want to make the window sills upstairs into window seats, they are low down and again deeply recessed, it may well be a winter project. 
Time for dinner then a catch up in blog land. 

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  1. Your guest bedroom looks lovely!! I am sure that your visitors will enjoy their stay. The patterns from the lightshade are amazing aren't they, I would never have imagined that they would be like that! xx


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