Monday 25 August 2014

New Fruit have Arrived

I placed an order for a few extra fruit trees to add to the collection this is what I got 
This Fig tree is a bit different to the normally available Brown Turkey figs trees.
The fruit is attractive with variegated stripes and is self fertile.
It is called Panache also know as Striped Tiger and grows to 1.50m the one I had delivered is only 30cm tall so has some way to go, the fruit can be eaten straight from the tree.
it is best grown in containers and is a late season it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Next out of the boxes was a pair  of apple trees
Malus domestica Baya Marisa also know as Tickled Pink, it was the pink flesh that appealed
Suitable as an eating apple,
but can also be used in cooking properties such as dried apple chips, sliced apple for fruit salad
and applesauce.
 Not only is the skin and flesh red but it also produces red to violet
flowers in spring, again they only grow about 1.50m 

Last out of the box were these 
1 Grape Blue - Vitis Boskoop Glory, 1 Grape White - Vitis White Pinot Blanc
I plan to grow these on trellis across the top of the boundary fence 

We hope to have the fencing in place in a few weeks, I can then get planting these out along with my other fruit trees the fence will be south facing so they should all do well.
All the trees I have arrive are only young ones I am happy to wait for them to grow, I got them from 
It was a very quick delivery and the plants were well packaged and look in good condition.


  1. Thank you for the link. I've had a look and their fruit is really reasonably priced. The garden centres around here are big business - with big prices!

    1. I was impressed with there prices as well :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks I was looking for something a bit different

  3. We are surrounded by fields of grapevines here (Madiran region of SW France), but have not started growing any of our own as yet. Are you going to use the ones you are growing for wine? I would like to have vines which produce table grapes so I can dehydrate into them into dried fruit. I don't think we shall make our own wine, because at 1 euro 25 cents (£1 UK stirling) a litre our own local wine does us very well!

    1. I think hubby might be planning on some wine, I am happy with grape juice and a couple of years ago I made some grape jelly after having some in USAso I plan to make more

  4. Oon hol at the moment but dibs on some cuttings! I like the look of the fig and the red apple.


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