Tuesday 24 June 2014

You Just Have to Do It Again

I have lost a box, it is somewhere in the stacks of boxes, it was an important box and I will curse when I find it. In the box are the samples for the up and coming workshops and folders of the print offs.
I know I didn't take it to the shop I am sure when we were moving boxes from upstairs to down stairs it got moved with them and is in the bottom of the stack right at the back. 
One of the samples was for the Stashbuster club, after searching through boxes I gave up and made another sample. Its a Neck Pillow.
I actually prefer this one to the original, this one is made of felt so is lot more comfy and cosy, the original was made with cotton, it is filled with polystyrene pellets, lucky the print offs are all on my laptop.
Now I just have to make a dozen applique patch butterflies for another shop session, so that is today's plan set the sewing machine up while I get on with other stuff. 
i spent most of the day at work yesterday sorting out the new security cameras, I got a super set of cameras and I can tune in and view what is happening in the shop when I am away, the original set of cameras I am taking with me and they will set up at the homestead. 
I also went and had my hair cut off yesterday, it was really starting to annoy me, my hair was long half way down my back, it hadn't been cut for three years apart from a fringe, so I went into the hairdresser and instructed her to cut it all off, I now have a little pixie cut its a style I always go for when I get cut, really short short, I love it so easy to look after, the hairdressers was really nervous about cutting it off but she agreed after it was finished that it looks good, so a complete re-style and it only cost £18.
Off to turn the sewing machine on now and feed the Alpacas.


  1. Oh no I hope you find it, how frustrating! Your new haircut sounds ideal in this weather, I used to have my hair cut in a similar style a few years back, I leave it as a mid length bob now.

  2. A few years ago I had hair half way down my back, I then decided to chop it all off really short, the hairdresser was freaking out! I'm now growing it long again after being told 'older' women shouldn't have long hair ha! that'll show them.

    What a brilliant idea to make your own neck pillow, we see them at airports but never got around to buying one, then regret it when you are trying to sleep on the plane

  3. I was so pleased when I went from long hair to a pixie cut. Maintenance time went right down!

  4. I went the other way, after years of pixie cuts I gave up and now my hair is down to my waist :)


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