Saturday 28 June 2014

First Load Arrived in Wales

Friday Night the lorry was loaded up with all the plants and trees I was taking along with garden furniture, we all got soaked, on off heavy downpours, A friend lent me some of those trolleys that the garden centres have there plants delivered on, they have movable shelves, so we could stack plants 3 deep, they were a godsend and we managed to get all the plants in one load, 

MY plants arrived safely in Wales they were left enjoying a bit of welsh sunshine. 
It was a long day yesterday travelling in a lorry with a speed restrictor. 14 hour round trip. 
Today we load up the lorry with all the house stuff, it will be driven up there tomorrow by a couple of friends, we will be leaving at some silly o'clock hour with the bees, we are sealing the hives tonight, we have a shipping container arriving at the Welsh house in the morning and everything will go into that. 
Bees will be sited in there new home. Open there little doors then they can get on with settling in.
So its really happening now, it hasn't sunk in yet but I am sure as this place empties it will.


  1. The best of luck today, I hope it goes well. Take care. xx Ps, the sun is shining in Wales today after the deluge we have had.

  2. Good luck, this is the hard part, but think of your future

  3. Good luck! It's just a year since we made our move and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat :)

  4. It will be brilliant to hear about your new home, where in Wales are you?

  5. At least you'll have roots in Wales when you get there.....ok bad joke, glad the plants have arrived safely and I'm so impressed you have managed to blog.

  6. Tough times but so rewarding. Make sure you eat and drink and have a bit of a breather when you can (hark at me all motherly).

    Jean x

  7. I am impressed you have the time to blog - you must be exhausted! I hope the next phase goes well.

  8. It's an exciting time! I hope they keep them watered for you at your new place until you get there!


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