Sunday 15 June 2014

Going Going Gone

Its been a weekend of things going, 
It started with the dismantling of the tunnel

Its very strange not having it there in the garden
Next it was the cane furniture from the conservatory

we decided to sell it on e-bay as we wont have a use for it when we move.
So now the conservatory is empty I plan to start moving down boxes from upstairs then we dismantle the spare beds and stack them in one room, I emptied the wardrobes today as well. 
I have also had my sewing machine running in the background, I decided to make a lace panel curtain for the smallest room it should be finished tomorrow so I can show you then.


  1. Its weird when you move house and see all the rooms that you had so many memories In empty.

  2. Endings, but new beginnings for you to embrace. Because we have been here so long I can't imagine all the packing & clearing up to be done. Actually I wouldn't know where to start. Constantly decluttering - possessions must breed.

  3. I hope it goes smoothly and quickly - I remember when we moved just over a year ago and it was spending months with all our possession slowing disappearing into boxes and it just went on forever and ever and I hated it.

  4. I took the chance to have a massive turn out when I packed to move. I still brought far too much but aim to car boot it soon. take care when lifting all those boxes, it is all too easy to do too much and then suffer for it.


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