Monday 16 June 2014

Dinner for 2 for less than £1

Crayfish Stir Fry 
Mange Tout FREE from the garden
Courgettes FREE from the garden
Broccoli FREE from the garden
Garlic FREE from the Garden
Crayfish FREE from the tank
Instant Noodles 8p
Mushrooms 50p
little bit of Olive Oil
1tsp of Chinese Five Spice

Now Being followed by 
 Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries FREE from the garden
Cream reduced 30p Tescos

The veggies were all grown from left over seeds from last year and the Crayfish we have had in the Aquaponics tank, they needed to be consumed as it would be to difficult to move them. 

Very nice dinner all for less than a £1


  1. Are you going to set the tank up in Wales again. I find it endlessly fascinating that people manage to make Aquaponics work. It is the one area of self-sufficiency which feels like a real dark art to me!

  2. Oh Yum. What else could you say to such a feast.

  3. Sounds wonderful, love the sound of the crayfish!

  4. WD we will get the aquaponics set up again in Wales on a bigger scale, so far we have just been experimenting with it, I plan to dedicate the small tunnel just to Aquaponics.
    Pam there is nothing better than a feast from your own garden.
    Julee A real bargain it just go to show you can save money by growing your own, your biggest cost is time.
    Joanne the Crayfish we catch in traps that we have a permit for from the local river, they are American Signal Crayfish and considered a pest.


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