Monday 30 June 2014

Bees and Belongings Have Arrived In Wales

The next part of the plan was Sunday load up all the stuff from the house a couple of fellas from work were driving the lorry on Monday for us. Sunday night we went to seal up the bee hives, the little sods were still up at 10pm, we managed to usher in the first hive and screw a plate over the front of hive, of course the noise then disturbed the other 2 hives and when we wanted to seal them up there were not having any of it, and all started coming out, so we left them bees to calm down, at 11pm we suited up and went back down to the bees, they had all gone back into the hives so we quickly sealed there doors up, strapped all the hive layers and lids on they were secure, loaded them onto the pick up with there stands made sure everything was secure and went to bed, we got up at 4am, drove to Wales with the bees, we stopped for a cuppa half way and when we came out we noticed bees flying around the hives, checked all was secure and set off again, these loose bees must have been on the outside of the hives when we loaded them, as soon as we arrived we drove down the field and sited the bees, we then set about taking the seals off the doors, there was lots of angry buzzing going on inside, so we suited up again, took the seals off and whooooooooooosh they were all streaming out each hive as we opened them, we departed up the field and left them to settle.
 Hives in there new home 

We had an audience of miniature ponies watching what we were up to.

Then we have a few hours to rest up before the lorry turned up with our belongings, we were also waiting for the arrival of the shipping container.
Lunchtime no sign of the shipping container, hubby phoned them to see what time it was coming we had requested an am delivery, The woman at the hire place had forgotten to place the order so we had no shipping container coming, she offered to refund our money, the air was blue, or belongings were due to arrive any moment and there was no were for them to go, the house was not being vacated until Friday, so it was thinking caps on the barn to the side of the house was empty, so with K (who we are buying the house from)  who has been fantastic we loaded up a trailer with pallets and boards, we boarded out part of the barn for our things to be stacked on off the floor, rain runs through the barn like a little river as part of the wall is damaged, lorry turned up and we got it unloaded and all stacked in the barn.We did a quick check on the bees and they all seemed to have settled down.
Then it was time to head home, we got back about 10pm, climbed into our camp beds and we were asleep before we knew it. 
It has been an exhausting couple of days, today the plan is to load up anything we have left in the house that will go on Thursday, I need to pop into the shop to see to a few things, hubby needs to pop into work to put the wages through, tomorrow we take the Alpacas, that is going to be a really long drive up there. Then we only have the chickens and then the final departure.


  1. Oh my goodness, you all must be exhausted and stressed. Good luck with the final move x

  2. It sounds like a mammoth task :)

  3. Keep going.. soon be sorted eh? On the day we moved here to our smallholding the van was only half the size recorded (and needed), so there needed to be two journeys , fortunately only 12 miles. All our things were colour coded with stickers, but that cunning plan to make things smoother was scuppered by us having a colour-blind removal man!
    Looking forward to hearing more.

  4. Really stressful. Our next move will be our last. It never goes smoothly, but you're nearly there.

    jean x

  5. What a bugger them forgetting about the shipping container! Good thinking though and might save you a bit of money in the long run.

  6. What a complete & utter pain thankfully you were able to get things sorted, Fingers crossed that the rest of your week goes smoothly.

  7. It all sounds like Very Hard Work. We've not moved for 22 years and I think I've forgotten how stressful it is. Hope the rest of the plans work out OK


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