Friday 6 June 2014

Meeting Myself Coming

Its been such a busy week, my feet haven't touched the ground, I keep thinking that I will meet myself coming if I don't sit down for a moment and breath. 
Last Friday it was suppose to be my final day in the shop as I wanted a few weeks to see how the shop would run without me there while I am still about for a few weeks, so any potential problems or anything I have overlooked I would be on hand to sort out. Great idea I thought, until last Friday my business partner of 4 years left just like that, deciding she didn't after all want the responsibility of the shop, talk about bad timing and leaving things to the last minuet.
The week has been spent sorting out staff rotas training new staff, training staff who are stepping up to the responsibility of the day to day running of the shop, last Friday I felt like my world had collapsed and was thinking I would have to close the shop up, now one week on customers have rallied round staff have rallied round and the shop continues, its all very positive. 
Early mornings has been a time for reflection and a time to think things through, going over to the Alpacas and letting out the chooks has kept me with some normality to my day and given me a bit of time to forget about all the problems that I cant really do anything about.
Watching the young birds on the feeders has been a source of pleasure this week

Youngsters being taught by parents how to use the feeders.

We have always had a good variety of birds come through the garden, from the small Wrens with big voices to the big Herons who look prehistoric, Many of the birds have set up home and raised the family's when we were taking down nest boxes after they have all fledged this year we came across a robin nest, all these years the box has been up for the robins and they have never used it until this year

We are off to Wales this Sunday to sort out a few things before the move, we are now 3 weeks and counting. 


  1. Exciting times ahead! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Not much stress then? Eeeek, things will come right for you I'm sure. I'm looking forward to you new adventures x

  3. Typical spanner in the works, glad your staff came through for you. My mum told me "What dose not kill you makes you stronger"

  4. Not long now! Good luck. Where in wales is it? (Roughly)

  5. Wow - I've never owned a small business but I can well imagine what a shock that was for you. So I am really pleased you are being so positive about it.

    Best of luck with the move, I can't wait to hear all the news from Wales.

  6. Leigh thanks really looking forward to a day away from chaos
    Julee I am looking forward o many days of new adventures
    Marlene Your mum is so right
    Kev 20 days and counting, we are going to Camarthenshire
    Westwick, running your own business has many negative points but the positive outweigh them all.

  7. I had a very similar experience with a business partner a few years back. You're still on track and it will all sort itself out eventually, but a real shock to the system. Hope things are a little smoother for you going forward.

    jean x


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