Sunday 1 June 2014

A Relaxing Family Day

Today was our 23rd wedding anniversary don't know were the time has gone, we had some of the family over for lunch and as the weather played ball we spent the day sitting in the garden just catching up, our youngest of 11 grandchildren was introduced to Flash today
She found him intriguing
we were hoping he might have passed on a few tips about crawling, she was happy patting his shell and kept trying to grab his head but he was far to quick withdrawing it into the safety of his home. 
My SIL wanted a lesson on making crisps so we were in the kitchen churning them out for everyone, he was really chuffed and said " every time we come to visit I learn something new" he loved it, they are all looking forward to our move and spending holidays with us.
We cracked open the last bottle of Elderflower Champagne and the grandchildren all had ice cream sodas.
A very relaxing family day just sitting around enjoying each others company, probably the last in this home another milestone reached.


  1. I love family days. Melissa must be at the same stage as your grand daughter as she's not quite crawling. She has said her first word though -dad!

  2. Alanna is almost nine months now, she can get about by wiggling and rolling, they grow and develope so fast. baby years are to be cherished.

  3. Happy anniversary for yesterday, love the name of the tortoise x

  4. Sounds like a smashing day. We had friends over and just relaxed all day. That's the beauty of getting all the chores out of the way on Saturday. Mind you, the ironing is calling me today. But if I hum loud enough I can't hear it :)

    Jean x


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