Monday 9 June 2014

Yesterday's Trip To Wales

We had a day trip to Wales yesterday to sort of a few details with the sellers, always easier face to face than trying to do things through solicitors or over the phone.
We had lovely sunshine all the way and once we got off the motorway the twisty turny roads are starting to become familiar now we have made several trips there, pulling up in front of the house we noticed changes that have taken place, there is now a shale parking turning place were we asked for it at the side of the drive, the old mobile home that was sitting at the side of the house has now gone and the fencing is up in the field. 
I didn't take photos sorry. 
We have decided to have the greenhouse, it needs glazing but its a good size bigger than what I have now, it is about the size of both of mine together, its aluminium framed.
We have been offered a couple of weaners of mixed breed for when we get there in a few weeks, I plan to use them for clearing the ground that will become the vegetable garden. 
They also offered us half a dozen chickens so they will become part of our flock. 
The sellers breed miniature ponies and they introduced us to there new foals, so cute just 2 feet tall my head ruled on that one and we are not having miniature ponies I don't care how well they keep the grass down
It looks like everything is coming along fine and on target for the move.
We headed down to Camarthen for a late lunch, settled on the Boars Head Hotel and decided on a sandwich and cup of tea, the place was empty but it was late afternoon, after waiting half an hour we reminded them we were still there waiting for tea and sandwiches, about half an hour later it finally appeared, so an hour wait, for luke warm tea and soggy sandwiches I wont be recommending it or returning again.
The journey home was rain all the way at times torrential, I settled in the car with some knitting, I picked up the new Lets Knit magazine because  there was a lovely lacy scarf kit included, I enjoy lace knitting with very fine yarn

Knitting lace in the car is not something I would recommend as it requires some concentration so there times of unpicking, 3 pattern repeats on I am happy with its progress.


  1. I'm so pleased you are getting set up for pigs. We are on our second lot and loving it and they really do clear the ground and fast. It is such a joy to watch them eating through all the grass and weeds and brambles, even taking out the root. Such a joy because it means I won't have to do it!

  2. I love knitting in the car, it makes me feel as though I'm gainfully employed during boring journeys. It makes the time pass more quickly too.

    Jean x

  3. Glad to hear the sale is all going through well and you are getting closer to your move. Must be good to see things getting done that you asked for too.
    We often holiday in Wales so will be sure to steer clear of that hotel, what a shame for you though.
    Not being a knitter (but am a crocheter), I think it's amazing that you can do such fine work in the car! Good for you, it's looking lovely.
    Gill xx

  4. I bet you're really excited :)

  5. Another step forward, lucky you, love the knitting.

  6. Sounds like a productive trip. Your knitted lace is lovely and I admire you for being able to work with such fine yarn. I always found it to be frustrating! But then, different strokes for different folks. :)

  7. As a non knitter (apart from one small childs jumper and a knitted doll) I am in awe of the lace knitting x


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