Sunday 1 June 2014

Its Elderflower Champagne Time

The Elderflower are now coming into bloom, so that means its time to get the Elderflower Champagne on the go, because we are moving in a few weeks we are not making any this year, so here is some photos and instructions I posted over on the forum last year 
700g of sugar
juice and zest of 4 lemons 2tbs of white wine vinegar

approx. 30 Elderflower Heads
 Don't wash the flower heads use as they are hopefully you will have some natural  yeast on them.

In a large bucket (sterilised) add 4lt of hot boiled water, add the sugar 
Stir until dissolved and add 2lt of cold water
Add the lemon juice and zest

Add the flower heads

stir it together put lid on and leave for 4 days
have a look at it, if it is not forming a natural foam from wild yeast, add a pinch of yeast and give it a stir leave for another 4 days then strain 

and bottle into sterilised bottles
use flip top bottles or recycled fizzy drink bottles, I get these bottles from IKEA £1 each
leave somewhere cool for 14 days then its ready for drinking
Be careful when you open it as it really does fizz like champagne.


  1. You really must have read my mind! I was looking at the abundant Elderflower blossoms (amazing quantity of blooms everywhere - even in the London Suburbs!). I used to make Elderflower cordial and champagne years ago but was trying to recall where i had got the recipes from (I obviously didn't write them down). So thank you very much for this timely post.

    1. I am doing some Elderflower Jelly this week, I picked a dozen elderflowers for that this morning so I will be posting on Thursday about that with step by step photos :-)

  2. Thanks for the prompt, I've just made mine. I've made it once before and I was very pleased with the results. My sis-in-law said it tasted like Lenor:) she drank plenty of it though.

    Jean x

  3. Thanks for sharing this Dawn, got here via Jean's link to you and will be giving this a go.

  4. I've Elderflower wine before but not champagne. I remember it tasted like pop and got my sister and me quite drunk without us realising it! I want to make some cordial so I might try that this week. A syrup sounds like a good thing to have in the store cupboard.


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