Wednesday 14 October 2015

Topsy Turvey Week

I cant believe its Wednesday already, the week is just flying by.
Monday we took Sol to the vet for his booster and a once over, when he came to us 6 months ago he had a skin tag on his eye lid it had grown a bit and the vet suggested it was removed as it was now touching his eye, also one he had on his elbow.
yesterday morning he went for surgery, I picked him up in the afternoon feeling really sorry for himself, they also found he had a broken back tooth so removed that as well.
I had a rough night with him as the anaesthetic was wearing off he howled almost all night.
He is a lot better today and I hope to have a good nights uninterrupted sleep.
We have been having glorious weather, chilly at night but blue sky and sunshine during the day.
 I have stripped off the baby corn
 The squash are picked and set to cure in the sunshine
 The last courgette, the runner beans are still producing
 Dani from Eco Footprint was doing a seed giveaway of Piquant peppers I started a few of them off and now they have now formed fruit.
 The sweet potatoes are forming, I spotted this when I went to earth them up.
 We also managed a trip to the beach, the sea was choppy, Sol paddled but didn't venture in for a swim this time.

Off to read up what every one has been up to then an early night for me.


  1. Oh that is good to hear that Sol has recovered. Hope you have a good night sleep tonight .

  2. Clever Sol he knows how quickly the sea temperature is dropping. Are your runner beans outside? I think I would have had more if my brother had picked them while we where away. Not picking them stunted the crop. Never mind we live and learn.

  3. Aww bless him.....must have been pretty upsetting listening to him howl, hope you both slept better last night. Your squashes look good, we're going to have a go at a couple of different types next year rather than just the usual butternut.

  4. I have runner bean envy...after a very late start to our season we are still getting a handful of beans every few days, but the cold winds make ours all curly! Hope Sol is feeling much better today, and I was going to enquire about Nik Nack's knac***s, but I guess I'm too late, just hope they didn't end up in the sausage rolls! Jackie. X

  5. I hope Sol feels better this morning. Jx

  6. Our rottweillers are still swimming in the river each afternoon although the water must now be getting quite cold. Hope Sol continues to be on the mend.......and you have reminded me that we need to go and pick the winter squash so they can dry!

  7. Oh, poor Sol. I hope he's feeling better now. You've got a great squash harvest, they look great.

  8. Hope Sol is feeling much better this morning, they really do feel sorry for themselves don't they! Your runners look great, how brilliant that they're still producing!

  9. A hug to Sol, it is hard to see a pet in pain, there is nothing that can be done except the odd hug or 3.

  10. Poor little chap..hope he is feeling better and you caught up with the sleep..xx

  11. Poor Sol, pain in lots of places all at once.
    Lovely to see the sea when its rough

  12. I must grow some squash next year. They are one vegetable I have never grown.

  13. Hope Sol is feeling better and you get your catch up on sleep

  14. We have had the best crop of runner beans that we have had for a long time. Still cutting them ev ery day - frost forecast for tonight so we have to keep cutting while we can because it is the one vegetable I don't like when they have been frozen.

    Dogs are not good patients are they - such a pity we can't explain to them that it is for their own good. Sleep well.


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