Wednesday 21 October 2015

Busy With Visitors

I have a houseful this week, daughter and six grandchildren.
 walks in the woods
 Baby's included
 playing rain showers with the leaves
Climbing trees
 Crafting in the cabin
Baking biscuits 
Child labour 
 Down on the beach
Restraining toddler in a sand hole 
 That grey blob in the sea is a seal
This one popped up to say hello

short video of dolphins and seals off New Quay.

Normal blogging service will resume soon :-)


  1. What a lovely outing - it looks like there were plenty of activities to keep everyone happy and busy.

  2. A lovely family time for you Dawn. hope you all have lots of fun x

  3. I can see it's still worth going to the Cardiganshire coast to see seals and dolphins. Must head there next week if we get a good day.

    So pleased to see all the little ones having a good time.

  4. How I love the Cardiganshire coast - my old stamping ground was around Mwnt and Gwbert. Hope you are enjoying a break from your normal routine.

  5. It looks like you're all having a busy, but wonderful, week. Had to laugh at 'Child Labour', I bet they were having a whale of a time. Sol looks to be enjoying his walks too.

  6. You are blessed with grandchildren and your grandchildren are blessed with you. You are providing such a lovely educational atmosphere for them to visit. They can experience a little bit of everything. Wonderful. Its half term here in Essex next week but I only have my grandchildren twice and I'm looking forward to it.

  7. Lovely time for you all, best they loved every moment of their visit with you.

  8. Looks as if a good time is being had by everyone. Love the child labour - very handy!

  9. Fantastic!! They must all love coming to see you as there is so much to see and do explore and they can just run around and be and not have to worry and it gives Mum a break too! I am sure that you adore having them all to visit too! xx


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