Thursday 8 October 2015

Feathers Fur and Flowers

We have a lodger in the attic
A cute bat hanging from the rafters, 
we knew there was bats as we have seen them leaving in the evening from under the eves,
seeing one in the attic was brilliant.
 I often see them flying past the CCTV cameras at night.

This week I found out something very exciting 
A pair of Golden Eagles with a young juvenile have been seen in the area here is a link to the story
I have been watching the skies but no sightings. 

Tomorrow is the day that Odd Job an Nick Nack get castrated,
The vet is coming out in the morning to do the deed.
They will both be done in there field shelters under general anaesthetic.
The weather is suppose to be good, Martin is coming home tonight to be on hand so I can get them harnessed in readiness.

We have had some lovely weather again this week, I have been cutting back bits from the garden
 I brought in the Gladioli s, not my favourite flowers but still a lovely splash of colour.
 This is the border tat was made this year, the Cosmos have done really well at filling it up, 
there is lots of other plants in there but the Cosmos have drowned them out, the other plants will make up for it next year when they have established themselves and the cosmos wont be there.

That's all for now :-)



  1. Bats and Golden Eagles, how fabulous. Good luck tomorrow with Odd Job and Nick Nack, hope all goes well.

  2. Hope all goes well with the lads tomorrow . X

  3. Hi Dawn. You are so lucky to have so much wildlife around you. Bats in the belfry well loft.!! Hope all goes well with Odd job and NikNak

  4. We have the same pink flowers here, planted in the veg garden and still protecting the cabbages either side of them from any butterflies.
    We have bats here too, and eagles this year but don't know which sort, but definitely not golden eagles.

  5. Lovely bat photograph. We have a few bats but we have just been unable to find out where they are in the day time.

  6. It must be lovely having bate. Hope the castration goes well too. It's always busy with you isn't it?!

  7. We have been honoured to have Bats in two of our houses.


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